Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why food is better than sex

1. You can try a new recipe without being unfaithful to your present cookbook. (Delia fans may beg to differ).
2. Vegetables, unlike men, never complain about washing.
3. You sometimes get a "thank you" after cooking a meal.
4. Letting the milk boil over won't get you pregnant.
5. Men are used to giving microwave ovens a few seconds to warm up.
6. A cucumber never feels inadequate when it sees a man.
7. Most men can manage to eat three times a day - or more.
8. A meal can last longer than 12 minutes - and you never have to fake it.
9. After a good meal you can make love, but after sex all you get is a cigarette.
10. Food is fattening - sex isn't. (There had to be a reason why sex is still popular!)

OK, I don't really believe that food is better than sex, but it *is* pretty damn close. Plus I'm hungry at the moment, so more interested in food than sex. I've just rung our local Indian and ordered us a full Indian meal: popadums & pickles, onion bhajis, chana puri, chicken biryani and vegetable curry.

I'll go back on the diet tomorrow.


Marg, the Sal. said...

If that makes you feel any better, I've eaten way much more than I've had sex lately. So, there.

Tinsie said...

Hmmm look at it this way - I doubt anyone has more sex than food (or do they?!)

jbwritergirl said...

Sex over food? MMMMMM? More food for thought, lol.

Perhaps I should rethink my day and maybe I'll drop those last lingering 20 something pounds that have found their way to my belly.

Julia said...

Fantastic, that made me smile!

Tinsie said...

Hi jbwritergirl, hi julia!
Welcome to my blog & many thanks for posting :-)