Saturday, February 24, 2007

Planet Earth (BBC)

Since I've already recommended a movie and a theatrical piece this week, I thought I'd add a DVD to the line-up. I don't watch much TV and had completely missed the Planet Earth series on BBC. Even if I knew about it, I'd probably not go out of my way to watch it, as I'm not a big fan of nature generally and nature programmes in particular. Suffice to say I've only watched one of Sir David Attenborough's previous documentaries - and that was through pure chance than intention. The only reason why I rented this is because of the brilliant reviews it had on Amazon. I rent DVDs from and often browse through lists, or look through "my recommendations" in the hope of finding DVDs that I'll enjoy but wouldn't normally choose. That's how I got to rent the first disc of the series.

It was fantastic. An absolute pleasure to watch. If you're remotely interested in animals or plants, you'll love it. I'm not particularly keen on either, and I was left mesmerised and totally in awe. I'm not going to rent the rest of the discs (there are five in total) because I'll buy the whole set, and when my godchildren are old enough, I'll sit and watch it with them.

Read more about it here.


angela said...

I've heard really good things about Planet Earth. I'd certainly watch it on TV but a set of DVDs can be expensive so I'm never sure if I want to invest that much.
Thanks for the recommendation and thanks for your visits. I'll put you on my blogroll.

Tinsie said...

Thanks, Angela :-)
I hope you get to watch Planet Earth one way or another, as it really is excellent.

ShadowFalcon said...

My husband bought the DVD and book for x-mas, it truly is great. I'd love to have a chat with David Attenbough he's like my idol

Erica said...

I agree!! I watched both series when they came out on the BBC - every Sunday at 9 - and would never missed an episode. It's the best documentary ever ever made!

Loops said...

I saw a few episodes and thought they were fantastic (although I do like animal/ nature docu's anyway).
I got the DVDs for my mum for her birthday - they went down really well.
I've also got the Planet Earth: The Future book which I'm part-way through reading. I really need some time to dedicate to reading it though - 10 mins just before I go to sleep just isn't enough.

Tinsie said...

WOW I can see this series has quite a following!!
Is the book good then? Should I buy it too?

Loops said...

The book is full of really interesting facts. It's written in a very unusual way - you get a couple of paragraphs by 1 author, then a few by another. Very interesting (as far as I've got anyway).

Gigi said...

I think I'm convinced. I've just checked the Amazon link you put on your post and it does look wonderful. And as it's my birthday soon...:-)

Tinsie said...

Go for it, Gigi! You won't regret it.
Do you think you'll get the book, too? hehe ;-)