Thursday, February 01, 2007

Online shopping

Back in 1996-97, when the internet had started gaining in popularity, and online shopping became reality for the first time, I remember saying to friends: "buying stuff online? with a credit card? they think this will take off? are they kidding?!" tut tut tut

At the time, I thought that only geeks and extremely reckless people would ever consider handing over their credit card details online in exchange for the promise of having goods delivered to their doors. How wrong can you be?

Fast forward 10 years, and I'm happily clicking away for books, cds, rental dvds, clothes, shoes, presents, electrical items, grocery and more. These days I'm probably doing half of my shopping online, occasionally even more than that - last Christmas I did ALL my shopping from the comfort of my office chair. What bliss, not having to battle with the crowds in Oxford Street!

I wish doing my shopping online also meant I was less tempted by things I did not need, and thus saved a fortune, but judging by my latest credit card bill, it doesn't quite work like that. Still... at least I saved on the bus and tube fares ;-)

In case you're looking for inspiration, these are some of my favourite shopping websites:

Books, CDs and DVDs (Greek books)

Rental DVDs

Electrical items


Groceries (expensive, but they include freebies)


Cosmetics & other smellies (luuuurvely stuff for girlies)

Arts and crafts

Presents (babies and christening) (ditto) (quirky ones)

Kitchenware/household stuff (outstanding customer service)

Chocolate (oh yes!) and cakes



Happy clicking!


Marg, the Sal. said...

Konditor and Cook won't sell online?

Tinsie said...

No, they won't :-(

If they did, they'd be right at the top of my list!

Almost Famous said...

wow! nice blog!!!
no working today!! just shopping!!

Tinsie said...

Nice to see you here, almost famous :-)