Tuesday, February 06, 2007

London dates for your diaries

So you thought there wasn't much happening at the moment? Think again. Here are my recommendations for 3 fun events taking place over the next couple of weeks.

If you're in London, take out your diaries, filofaxes or PDAs and start making plans! If you're visiting London over the next fortnight, you'll be pleased to know that all of these events take place outdoors, at or near places of interest, and none of them require prior reservations.

If you're not in London, perhaps this post will inspire you to look for interesting "happenings" close to where you live.

Switched On London
Pool of London
8-16 February 2007

Switched On London is a lighting festival that takes place in the Pool of London (the area between London Bridge and Tower Bridge) on 8-16 February. A number of sites, incl. HMS Belfast, City Hall and the Tower of London, will be temporarily lit in an imaginative way by some of the best lighting designers and manufacturers in the UK.

This project aims to challenge the perception that exterior lighting always leads to wasted energy and light pollution. The last night of Switched On London will coincide with the first ever late night opening of the Design Museum which will feature a special lighting display.

Chinese New Year festival and parade
Central London
Sunday 18 February 2007

The Chinese New Year celebrations consist of a colourful parade that sets off along the Strand at 11am, followed by traditional dragon and lion dances, plus music, martial arts and song performances in Trafalgar Square from midday onwards. Over 150 artists from China take part in this annual celebration and the result really is spectacular.

Look out for firework displays in stall-covered Leicester Square (at 2pm and 5pm), impromptu parties in Soho and food stalls along Gerrard Street and throughout Chinatown. This event is one of the most popular in London, so aim to arrive early and don't forget your camera. You can then send your photos to the BBC to publish on their website.

Pancake Race
Borough Market
Tuesday 20 February 2007

Better Bankside is organising a traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake race in aid of charity at 12:30 pm. Businesses are forming teams to run along Borough Market's Bedale Street tossing pancakes.

There will be pancakes on sale for spectators. Need I say more?

February is the last winter month and the official period of hybernation (and slaving away to pay the credit card bills) is almost over. Spring is round the corner, the days are getting longer, the weather's milder (fingers crossed), so get together with your friends, go out and have fun!

I'm hoping to make it to all three events and I've been emailing friends, some of whom I've not seen since Christmas, to make arrangments. If you know of any other fun events taking place in and around London, tell us about it! If there's anything exciting happening in your part of the world, share it with us by posting a comment or a link to your blog (or both).


ShadowFalcon said...

Chinese new year is always fun in town I can't wait for it :-)

Erica said...

I love the Chinese New Year! Also the other events sounds great.
You may be happy to hear that it's supposed to be snowing in London tonight and tomorrow! But you probably already know that!

Tinsie said...

@ Shadowfalcon - I couldn't agree more. I love the CNY celebrations.

@ Erica - As you can imagine, the snow that's (hopefully?) coming was the main topic of conversation at work today. Personally I can't wait and I'm hoping that I wake up to a blanket of white tomorrow morning :-)

Marg, the Sal. said...

I'll look forward to your reports, and don't forget to take pictures (preferrably of the pancakes!!!)

Tinsie said...

You mean the actual pancakes, not the race? ;-)

Marg, the Sal. said...

Both, silly!

Loops said...

Snowball fight - woohoo :)

But I hope the weather's good for the parade or I'll not be taking my camera and you won't be able to "borrow" my photos!!!

Pamela said...

At last a posting I can reply to ;-)(after the IBM postings I mean)

I'm looking forward to the Chinese new year celebrations too. Let's hope the BBC site will publish more of your artistic photos this year.