Saturday, February 03, 2007

Then and now

1981 IBM launches its first personal computer, the 5150. It doesn't have a hard disk and its 4.77MHz processor is about a thousand times slower than a present-day PC. Its 13 cm floppy disks' capacity is so small, that even if digital music existed, you wouldn't be able to save even one track to a disk. The CPU weighs almost 13 kilos.

2007 The Apple Mac Mini is just 16 cm square and 5 cm high. Its 80GB hard disk is about 84 thousand times the capacity of the IBM 5150's floppy disks. The Mini weighs 1.4 kilos.

I won't bore you with facts about my Video iPod ;-)


Erica said...

How ugly it looked! It's amazing that now we can't live without all this technology. My internet was down for a week at work and I felt lost and cut out of the world!

Tinsie said...

I know! But at the time, it was the bee's knees - and it didn't even connect to the internet.
Check out the Mac Mini above, it's sooooo much better.