Friday, April 04, 2008

Humanity's children are back today

Those of you who watch Battlestar Galactica will know that today is the much awaited Final Season premiere (whey hey!!) and that we're on the lookout for the final Cylon. There are many theories as to who is the 12th model, and this is my fave - first formulated by Sarah and shamelessly copied from her blog, where it was first posted last January.

Those of you who do not watch Battlestar Galactica, get thee to the nearest video store and rent the mini series. If you're remotely interested in sci-fi and possibly even if you're not, you'll love it.

So this is not *the* theory. It is not the be-all and end-all of all BSG theories. But it is a theory. And, having come up with a set of compelling evidence, I wanted to put it out there. Ready?

Oh, needless to say, if you don’t want spoilers for Season 3, read no further. And now, here’s the theory.

It’s Dualla. Consider carefully the following:

Leoben tells Starbuck, “Adama is a Cylon.” Well, if the promo picture from Season 4 is to be believed, we can rule out both big Adama and Lee as Cylons. One of my favorite early throwaway theories was how awesome it would be if it was Zak, the dead brother. But wait – Dee married Lee, which makes her an Adama by marriage. One counterargument would be that Leoben is a liar. This is true. Personally, I’ve always assumed he was lying about that to make Roslin question her trust in Adama. Another point against is the fact that he said it way back in Season 1, when Dee wasn’t even involved with Apollo yet. But you know, Leoben talks to the hybrid. He sees the pattern, he swims in the stream, and all that.

Remember 33, the very first episode? Who gets reamed out by Tigh for “losing” the Olympic Carrier in the jump? Dualla. Later they blow the ship up because they figure out it’s been taken over by Cylons and that’s how they’re tracking the fleet.

The last name Dualla suggests a duality. “Two” of something. Personalities, perhaps? Two distinct sides? Something duplicitous?

They’ve rarely mentioned her first name, but it’s Anastasia, which means “resurrection” in Greek.

This doesn’t mean much, but so far we have 7 male Cylons and only 4 female. I just don’t think it makes sense to leave it that imbalanced. If the last one turns out male, I’ll be like, WTF?

Of the Final Four supposedly revealed to us at the end of Season 3, three are close to a person of some significance. In fact, most of the major characters have “their” Cylon. Tigh is Adama’s XO. Tory is Roslin’s top aide. Anders is married to Starbuck. Chief doesn’t quite fit this theory, but he was very involved in the Resistance on New Caprica, which does also seem to be a common thread. We know this is a Cylon strategy, whether conscious or unconscious, because of 6 and Baltar. Apollo is one of the only major characters without a Cylon. And Dee is his wife.

Speaking of which, didn’t that come out of nowhere? That Dualla dropped Billy like that and went for Lee instead? She kind of became hated right about then, because everyone liked Billy and she was indirectly responsible for his death. What a heinous bitch. The death of Billy seemed sort of out of place. But looking back now, who benefited the most from Billy’s death? Which character replaced him as Roslin’s aide, putting a Cylon into a position of power? Tory.

Remember when Cylons boarded the Galactica? And rooms full of people are dead, but they find Dee with just a concussion? Yeah.

Dee helps Roslin escape from the military coup in Season 1 and steal the election in Season 3. You might say, “Why would a Cylon want to help Roslin?” But we also seem to have been told that the motivations of the “mysterious” Cylons don’t necessarily match the motivations of the others. And we know too that Roslin is the dying leader from prophecy who will lead the humans to Earth. Don’t forget that the Cylons want to get to Earth too. They have every interest in making sure these prophecies play out. Six, for one, has been adamant about this type of thing in the past.

Dee gets strangely P.O.-ed and leaves Lee because of his role in Baltar’s proceedings at the end of Season 3. “He isn’t who she thought he was,” and all that. Or is it that with a rift between Lee and his father, and the fact that he is leaving the military, he won’t be in a position of power anymore? She has no use for him.

Rewatch the scene where Adama is working on his model ship and Dee urges him to reconcile with Roslin and put the fleet back together. I challenge you to watch it, after reading everything I just said, and tell me it doesn’t creep you out a bit now. I did last weekend. “Children are separated from their parents.” The Cylons are the children of humanity.

Of course for this theory to work, they’d have had to know she was a Cylon from the beginning. Or put on some really good spin. We know for a fact they didn’t decide on the most recent four until fairly late in the show. I’m just saying there’s evidence. But it’s Dee. I said it here first.

Well, in fact Sarah said it in her own blog first, I've just copied her throughts and pasted them here with some very minor adjustments. Personally, I reckon it's a pretty good theory. Does anyone else have any others?


Flareman said...

It's plausible, certainly; any other Adama would be too cliché, it ain't Baltar... it could certainly be Dewalla.

Damn, I'm hyped! :w00t:

Tinsie said...

Oh no, it can't be Lee or Adama. That would be soooo wrong (and I'd have to stop watching if it happened). The Chief being a Cylon is bad enough as far as I'm concerned!

Pamsie said...

I like this theory - never liked her since she married Lee, hehe. Can't wait to watch the series.

Tinsie said...

Tell me about it. She should have stuck with Billy and left Lee well alone, the little floozy!!

Indie said...

I totally agree with you. It has to be someone close to Lee. I can't wait to see it. I have to re-watch Season 3 again though. My boss's husband is hooked on it now and he keeps asking me about it. When do you think it'll be out on DVD?

Tinsie said...

Not for another year or so I wouldn't think :-(

Sarah said...

I just rewatched the episodes with Billy and realized anew how much I don't like her.

Tinsie said...

Oh she was awful in those episodes! She was pretty awful when Lee was fat too.

She'd be my most disliked character if it wasn't for whiney Cally - who I'd hoped would turn out to be a Cylon, but there's no chance of that now :-(