Monday, April 21, 2008

The hidden Cylon at No. 7

Having come up with a neat theory about the final Cylon, Sarah has changed her mind and has now formulated another BSG theory, which, if I'm honest I don't like at all, although I have to admit it sounds more plausible than the earlier one about Dualla - but I still hope it's not true.

So, without further ado, here is Sarah's definitive BSG theory in her own words:

I read the beginnings of this theory on a board last year, and now that I’ve seen Friday’s episodes, I am 98% certain that it’s not a theory at all: it is the connection between the Cylons. Like, there’s not really a question in my mind right now. And what does it mean? Well, among other things, I am relieved because it seems to indicate there’s been a plan all along.

*** Long complicated BSG theory below with spoilers through Season 3 AND Season 4!!! I know there are people who read here who haven’t watched these episodes yet, and I don’t want to spoil anyone, so I’m actually sticking this under a cut. On which you should NOT CLICK. ***

(OK, I don't know how to do a cut, so if you've not seen Season 3 yet and you don't like spoilers, stop reading now-now-now.)

In the episode “Six of One” that aired on Friday, we saw the Cylons begin to splinter due to internal disagreements between models. One of the coolest things was that we FINALLY learned everyone’s model number.

1- Cavil
2- Leoben
3- D’Anna
4- Simon
5- Doral
6- Six
7- ?
8- Boomer
9- ?
10- ?
11- ?
12- ?

Now we know there’s this “Final Five” whose identities aren’t known to the regular seven Cylons. Four of them– Anders, Tory, Tigh, and Chief– appeared to be revealed in the Season 3 finale. One is still out there, presumably in the Fleet. When the “Final Five” idea was aired, we were all like, “What the hell. They came up with this at the last second. They’re making things up as they go along. THE NUMBERS DON’T EVEN MATCH UP. How are they going to explain that?” Because, obviously, the Five being special, you’d assume them to be made first, thus making them Numbers 1-5. But they’re not, since we already know 3 is D’Anna and 5 is Doral. OK, then. Maybe they’re #7-12? But they’re not, because we know Boomer is an 8.

It’s always been obvious that the number 12 is important in the show. 12 colonies of Kobol, 12 Lords of Kobol, 12 Cylon models. But what’s the significance of this? There are about a billion different theories you can come up with… and then I re-watched Home Part 1 and Home Part 2 last week. It was something Sharon said on Kobol that I couldn’t forget.

Elosha: “And the blaze pursued them, and the people of Kobol had a choice. To board the great ship, or take the high road through the rocky ridge.”
Valerii (continuing): “And the body of each tribe’s leader was offered to the gods in the tomb of Athena.” And the great ship was the galleon that departed from here, where we’re standing. And it took the founders of the thirteen colonies to their destiny. And those that didn’t board the galleon took the high road, a rocky ridge that led to the tomb.

So wait. What? There was some sort of sacrifice or ritual suicide of 12 leaders? What if… the Lords of Kobol weren’t gods at all? What if the leaders of the tribes had some sort of power… to live over and over, to project their consciousnesses? Wouldn’t that make them look like gods to the humans they lived together with? What if… the original Cylons go off into space at the end of the first Cylon war and they run into… something or someone… out there? For this to be the case, each Cylon model would have to be the leader of a colony.

First Mike and I kicked around the idea of the Cylons each matching up with a god. But the problem is, although we can assume they more or less match up with the Greek gods, we’ve only actually heard the names of 7 or 8 of the Lords of Kobol. And besides, how would you get the numbers 1-12?

The Zodiac.

Check it out. The names of the 12 Colonies of Kobol are derived from the 12 zodiac signs. Caprica = Capricorn, Gemenon = Gemini, Picon = Pisces, etc. When they’re in the Tomb of Athena, Laura Roslin acknowledges this, saying the symbols on the 12 Colonies’ flags are based on constellations, which used to have different names: the names of our Earth zodiac. Watch what happens when you look at the zodiac signs, not based on the calendar year, but as numbered 1-12:

1. Aries - a leader type, blunt and to the point, tendency to force ideas on others, strong-willed. Cavil is Model Number One.

2. Taurus - persistent, sensual, loyal, can be possessive. Leoben is Model Number Two.

3. Gemini - curious to a fault, intelligent, can be two-faced, excellent sign for careers in journalism. D’Anna is Model Number Three (when she’s in the fleet, she’s a documentary filmmaker).

4. Cancer - Nurturing, emotional, a caregiver, suited to medical careers. Simon is Model Number Four (we see him masquerading as a doctor on Caprica).

5. Leo - Egotistical, likes to be center stage, outgoing, suited to careers such as actor, tour guide, or public relations. Doral is Model Number Five (and he’s also a PR guy when we meet him).

6. Virgo - Perfectionist, practical, high sense of duty, places value on appearance/beauty. Six is, obviously, Model Number Six.

8. Scorpio - Associated with transformation and rebirth (!!), hardworking, complex, secretive, can become vindictive, does well in a military career. Boomer is Model Number Eight.

Now. We’ve got four known Final Five Cylons. And we’ve got four slots open that are all in a row. Why not see if our four known Cylons fit? I’ll tell you why I’m putting these four here in a minute.

9. Sagittarius - Easygoing, idealistic, values freedom highly, honest, often athletic. It seems like an easy choice to plug Sam Anders in at Model Number Nine.

10. Capricorn - Ambitious, serious, detail-oriented and organized, responsible. “Capricorns make great civil servants, law enforcement specialists, politicians, and members of any other administration or government profession.” Tory is most likely Model Number Ten, as Roslin’s chief of staff.

11. Aquarius - Rigid and dogmatic, derives a sense of identity from groups and their goals, impersonal and detached, sometimes eccentric, they love to think they’re right. “People born under this sign are said to be the strongest and the weakest people in the world.” Tigh is my choice for Model Number Eleven.

12. Pisces - Compassion and empathy, selfless work, a person people can count on, self-sacrificing, can be associated with mysticism (remember the Temple of the Five). Chief is Model Number Twelve. (He’s said to fans that he’s been told he’s #12, but it’s not officially confirmed.)

Why did I skip #7? There are two reasons.

1) It seems to make sense that the four we know go in the four slots next to each other. Now that I’m certain the numbers are based on the zodiac signs and therefore aren’t chronological, this is sort of a leap to make. But… it works for me because those four signs fit the four members of the Fleet who heard the music. And because…

2) #7 would be our final hidden Cylon. And there is absolutely no better choice than the Libra.

7. Libra - This sign is represented by the scales, bringing balance. Strives for peace and harmony. A communicator, mediator, and negotiator. Sociable and somewhat intellectual, just, charming, “peace at any price”, represents the laws of civilization.

My first thought was, “Shit. It’s Lee.” But it could also be Roslin. I don’t like either of those characters as the final Cylon model, but I have to admit it fits with the sign. Clearly the Libra being the last one makes sense, because this is the person who is going to bring the two sides — Cylon and Human– together.

And finally, the final piece of my theory is that I think the real entity controlling things– the Hybrids, HeadSix, HeadBaltar, and HeadLeoben– is not the Libra, ultimately, but an unknown 13th. The “One True Cylon God”? Maybe, maybe not. But I do think there’s going to be the last of the Final Five, and there’s going to be someone else. And I think there’s a connection between all those visions that have been guiding certain people and groups all along to some place where things are going to come together.

Oh nooooooooo! Don't let it be Lee. Please, pretty please RDM, don't make it be Lee.


Flareman said...

Nu-uh, it can't be Roslin. She has cancer and was temporarily cured when she received an allogenous cell transplant from Hera (the first hybrid). Cylons don't get cancer, their immune systems are too efficient for that, so the President is one of the very few individuals that are guaranteed to not be a Cylon.

It can't be Starbuck, since she is NOTHING like the Libra archetype. It could be Gaeta or Dewalla, as well as Lee. However, isn't Lee a bit of a cliché as a choice for the final Cylon? Another choice would be Billy, but he's dead since S1. He was moral, just and a perfect mediator, more the peacemaker and less the organizer than Tori. Finally, Baltar would be another candidate, since Libras are often "accused" of being unfaithful and continuously flirting - plus, he certainly is narcissist enough.

Another tidbit: I believe that the final five are unique models - they were never planted, they do not exist in copies. They are as they are, monolithic, and obviously they are special in a way, since they hold such a central part in Cylon customs and cosmology.

Chew on these, I think they add to the theory a bit:D

Tinsie said...

I had the same thought about Roslin, i.e. that she can't be a Cylon coz she's got cancer, and yes, I agree that Starbuck's nothing like a Libra and I like the idea that the remaining five are unique models. On the other hand, the 5 robed figures in the Kobol opera house could be real copies of the F5 - D'Anna seemed to think she was facing real beings and tried to apologise to one of them (Tigh?). Would she have done that if she'd thought they were just visions?

Baltar could be one of the five, but he's as much of a cliché as Lee. Can't quite see Gaeta either, although he's been a "suspect" for quite some time now, but he wouldn't be a big enough revelation unless he ups his game in this series.

Perhaps the final Cylon's already dead, so it could well be Billy. Or Ellen, although you wouldn't call her a peacemaker (but she did do a lot of flirting in her time). Or Zac, the dead Adama, who we know very little about.

I wonder if the final 5 will turn out to be semi-Gods, or enemies of the 7, or even their creators. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...


Tinsie said...

Sandi, I know it's you! No point hiding in your anonymity :-p

Pamsie said...

Nooooo! It can't be. I don't think it can be Roslin because of the cancer. But how can it be lovely Lee?
I have read somewhere that it may be Zac too. Personally, I am not so sure as, out of the F5 so far, they have been big characters and we don't know much about Zac. It would be a bit anti-climactic to have the final model be revealed as someone that we don't know. I don't think it could be Billy for same reason - he was not an *important* enough character.
My feeling is that the final one to be revealed will be one of the main characters. But please don't let it be Lee.

Tinsie said...

I'm certainly with you on that one, Pamsie! Lee *must* be human, how can he not be? He's got too many flaws for a start - although he's certainly easy on the eye ;-)

Zac could be a big revalation, seeing as he's dead and everything.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to stay under my cloak of anonymity otherwise I might get flogged or something :-P

Tinsie said...

I think you may be right ;-)

Or perhaps you can start watching BSG too, and contribute to our metaphysical discussions!

Claire said...

So many of my friends and the bloggers I read are into BSG...and it just goes over my head!


Karen said...

Oh my.

I think that's all I'll say.


Panos said...

It's one of the Adamas; either Lee or dead brother Zac.

Tinsie said...

@ Claire: Oh no! Does this mean you have no views re: the final Cylon?! Hehe.

@ Karen: Not a BSG fan then? Shhhh don't let Sandi hear ;-)

@ Panos: Noooooo it can't be Lee :-(

Ditikos said...

Here is my 10 cents of thought:

First of all, an ambiguous cylon? Tigh was seen battling with Adama, before the final war mission which Adama saw the cylon factory (the one in Razor). Either he is one of the 12 or the yet cryptic 13th if such one exists.

Secondly the "fifth" remaining cylon. Starbuck has taken the mantle that Jeanne d'Arc has, the martyr, heretic, you name it (like the tag line of the movie). She could not be a cylon, imho. Baltar is the modern Saul/Paul (and not Tigh), the one who passed from being the prosecutor to the apostle .

My picks for the cylon:
Gaeta (Working in both sides, because he wanted to, just as libra), some say it's the doctor on Galactica, which I would consider it only if he is the one who has gained the knowledge of being a cylon long before this shindig started so he is only hiding/manipulating towards a unification.

The 13th --
If there is such one, he could be the god being, a unification being, or the protector of the Earth (as the original being). We still don't know how Earth would be. We can only guess, so if such one exists it would have to be wrapped up in the remaining episodes (that would require a lot of scripting mastery btw).

Indie said...

After reading everyone's thoughts on who the last Cylon is, I feel like I have to go back and watch them again. I think it could be the doctor on Galactica though. He isn't a main character but he has played a major role in saving Roslin, Hera etc...
As long as it isn't Lee or Starbuck, I'm happy.

Tinsie said...

@ Ditikos: There are plenty of episodes left so the story could go any of many ways. Perhaps they'll never get to Earth - perhaps Earth doesn't exist.

I really can't see Gaeta - yes, he's been playing both sides (so to speak) but he's never been terribly supportive of the Cylons, even when he worked for Baltar, and he doesn't appear to be devious enough. Neither does Cottle for that matter. He seems a very straight-forward character to me. Then again, so did the Chief, and Anders. Hmmm....

@ Indie: I know! I need to go back to Series 2 & 3 and re-watch the episodes for clues. I feel a Galactica Day coming up :-)

Pamsie said...

I've been thinking that it could be Roslin after all. The main reason for discounting her appears to be the cancer. However, I seem to remember now that Anders nearly died from pneunomia on New Caprica hence cylons too can get sick.
Also, that may explain why Hera's blood cured her temporarily and perhaps also explain all the visions.
Personally, I'd rather the last Cylon be Roslin than Lee. :-)

Tinsie said...

Having seen the latest episode I'm more confused than ever, but you're right - Anders has been sick and we know he's a Cylon for sure (red eye and all) so perhaps (some) Cylons can get sick. They certainly seem to be getting preggers with alarming frequency and they weren't supposed to be able to, so who knows?

Laura being a Cylon certainly explains the visions and yes, I'd much rather it was her than Lee (phwoarrr) Adama ;-)

Tinsie said...

Or maybe it is Dualla after all. The outline seems to fit her like a glove too:

Libra - This sign is represented by the scales, bringing balance. Strives for peace and harmony. A communicator, mediator, and negotiator. Sociable and somewhat intellectual, just, charming, “peace at any price”, represents the laws of civilization.

She certainly tried to bring balance and harmony between the Adamas; as for communicator - wasn't she a communications officer to start off with?