Saturday, April 19, 2008

Easter is coming - again

Not that you'd be able to tell from the weather, which actually feels very much like Christmas - the only saving grace being the longer days since the clocks sprang forward last month! Next Sunday is the Eastern Orthodox Easter, a whole 35 days after this year's Western Easter on 23 March.

This is the Easter card that my 6-year-old goddaughter made for me at school. Isn't it cool? It's the first time she's made me a card and as you can imagine I'm a very proud godmother :-)

You'll notice the egg is dark red, almost crimson. This is the colour eggs are dyed in Greece, and they're usually plain, with no swirls, dots, stripes or other decorations.

I can't wait for Easter second time round. Roll on the Holy Week!


Cheryl said...

Happy second easter!

Karen said...

Give us an Eastern Orthodox Easter tutorial, please! You always do such a great job, and I love to learn from you!

ShadowFalcon said...

Happy belated easter. That is a cute card. Tinsie why is it soooooo cold here? What happen to Spring...

Anonymous said...

Totally random comment but I'm anonymous so it's ok!!!

I just bought a new toy - portable DVD player - I'm sooo excited!? Tinsie actually gave me the idea.... x

Tinsie said...

@ Cheryl: Ī¤hank you! Can't wait :-)

@ Karen: It's already in prep. Watch this space ;-)

@ Shadowfalcon: Spring hasn't quite sprung this year. It's been one looooong winter (and hopefully we'll go straight into an equally looooong summer - as if). Bet you're wondering why you came back, at least weather-wise.

@ Sandi: Hope you enjoy your new toy hehe :-)