Sunday, April 27, 2008

Easter photos

I've not had time to post about Greek Easter, but I've uploaded some of my photos on Flickr, along with brief comments. You can see them either by clicking on the photo to the right, or by visitng my Flickr account.

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating Easter today! Xristos Anesti! Hristos a înviat!


palmtreefanatic said...

thanks for sharing! very cool

Shionge said...

Happy Easter :)

Karen said...

I hope the sun came back for you! Heh, heh, kind of like the Son did!!! :-) Again, Happy Easter, and thanks for sharing your excellent photos!

Karen said...

Oh, Tinsie! Somehow I went straight from Easter photos to the Karneval photos. I was so confused, trying to figure out what clowns have to do with Easter, and why all the background signs in Greece are written in German!!

Γκρινιάρης said...

Hristos Anesti!!!

I finally found out why I had not heard from your blog for over a month... I hadn't noticed the change of your address and I hadn't updated the RSS feed!

Anonymous said...

nes: xronia polla tinsie!rikse kai tipota sto paggari na seniaristei ligo i ekklisia :p . perasate kala? apo pou i foto?

Tinsie said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you liked the photos. I've added a few more to the set, do check them out.

@ Karen: Hahaha, it's an easy mistake to make :-)

I can confirm that clowns are in no way associated with Greek Easter, and that signs in Greece are usually in either Greek or English, very occasionally in French or Italian, but hardly ever in German.

@ Gkriniaris: Alithos Anesti! Glad to see you again :-)

@ Nes: Xronia polla!