Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are you a thrill seeker?

You Keep Things Chilled

For you, the whole adrenaline thing is totally over rated. You'll take safety over an emergency room trip.
This doesn't mean you don't break out of your comfort zone. You just don't stray too far from it.

Well, I knew I wasn't, but I can't resist a little test. What about you?


Kathy said...

Ok the quiz said that I am sometimes a thrill seeker.I doubt that:-)The most adventurous I get is if I add Jalapenos peppers to my meal or I drive at 90 kph listening to 80's rock music(HA HA)
I did much better other quiz; Are you an 80;s child? Guess what? I sure am at a whopping 96%.
Thanks for sharing.

Tinsie said...

Perhaps you're a closet thrill seeker? Or are you so incredibly chilled you subconsciously overcompensated in your answers?

The 80's child quiz sounds like fun. I'll go check it out. But 96%?!! Are you even in this century, lady?

Kathy said...

The 80"'s were the best!
E.T and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Wham and Frankie goes to Hollywood.
All those Stathi Psalti films(ok maybe not those) The absolute best.
What do we have now?!?Terrorism,high gas prices, war????
Heah wait a minute? We had all that in the 80's too. :-)

Tinsie said...

I loved the 80's too. It may have been the decade that taste forgot, but it was a lot of fun!