Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ahhhhh chou!

Since last weekend I've had a bit of a cold which sort of receded a little during the week (although in retrospect that might have been the adrenaline of a busy working week) and has now returned with a vengeance. Ahhhh chou!! This morning I woke up with a heavy head and a sore throat, so I've decided desperate measures are required: Ι've made myself an extra large cup of tea, found a box of tissues, a packet of Strepsils and a new book (No! I don't want to join a bookclub), and promptly got back to bed.

If I feel more human later on, I'm planning to work through my stacks of books and separate out those that I've already read from those that haven't yet been touched. I reckon there are at least 50 "new" books around the house. I really ought to stop buying more, as there are now books in all of the above places:

In the bedrooom:
By the bedside table
In the magazine rack
On the shelves by the wardrobe

In the ensuite (!)
By the toilet (I know, gross but true)

In the study:
On the desk
On the bookcase
In the wardrobe

In the hallway:
On the little table where we leave the post
On the shelves in the alcove

In the kitchen:
On the counter (that's all my cookery books that live there)
On the table (books that most definitely should be somewhere else)

In the living room
All over the place

(Gosh, it looks more frightening when it's in black and white).

I've recently discovered LibraryThing, a web tool that allows you to catalogue all your books online, and I'm planning to use it to record all my unread books so I can remind myself of what's threre. I bet I've bought books twice just because I don't remember I've already got them.

I'll let you know how it goes. Should be fun.


Γκρινιάρης said...

Bless you! :)

Well, that kind of weather is mostly dangerous for cold!

Get well soon! :)

Shionge said...

Gosh! hope you are getting back after a good weekend rest...take care and glad that you have books as your companion ;D

Karen said...

Good grief, woman! Send all your double copies to Alabama, would you? I'm stuck in hickville with a library the size of a postage stamp, and I read too fast to actually purchase books.

BTW--Whitethorn Woods was a great read!

Tinsie said...

@ Griniaris & Shionge: Thank you both :-)

@ Karen: I'm the opposite, I don't read anywhere near fast enough. When I used to commute for an hour to get to work I had lots more time to get stuck into books, but these days I'm never in a bus/train/tube for more than 10 minutes at a time, so I can only manage a few pages a day at best.

Re: Whitethorn Woods - I've added it to my Amazon wish list. At the current rate, I may get a chance to read it sometime in the next 5 years ;-)

Kathy said...

I guess it was a mistake to get you a book for your birthday?:-)
Sou estila ena dema tin Paraskevi.Elpizo na ftasei mexri tin Tetarti.Exo kai ego ponokefalo kai me ponaei o lemos mou.Tha tin araxo sto krevati akougontas mousiki.

Tinsie said...

Oh no, don't say that. Books are always welcome chez Tinsie.

That's the problem!