Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy birthday!

Today's my brother's birthday. I know he thinks I forget because sometimes I neglect to ring him until late in the evening (I bet he thinks Mum has to remind me too) but the truth is, I've never once forgotten his birthday, ever.

Every year during the first fortnight in March I count down to his birthday. I'm probably more aware of his birthday than I am of mine, because today is the day when I stopped being "alone" in the world, and for this I'm very thankful.

So here it is, bro: proof that I remembered ;-)

Happy Birthday! Xronia Polla!
P.S. OK if I don't ring you now?


Jim said...

hehe, this post is the first thing you've done on the day, that definitely showed a lot more though than a phone call late at night ;-)

Although it's a cyber cake, it feels a lot more than a mere image on the web, it's something that will stand the test of time (assuming the technologies this blog is based on will not replaced by Web 2).

Anonymous said...


Zoe Brown said...

Happy B-Day to UR Bro!

Anonymous said...

Xronia Polla Pano.Na ta ekatostisis. Na ton xeresai Tina
Call you soon.
P.S Love reading your blogs:-)

Tinsie said...

Thank you all for your comments & wishes.

Kathy, great to see you here :-)

Jim, let's indeed hope that Web2 doesn't bring too much of a revolution...