Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lazy Sundays

Sundays have always been super-lazy days in my personal diary. I've never had the inclination to go out, do things, or see people. Even walking to the corner shop for the Sunday papers requires too much effort, as it means I have to get dressed.

In years gone past, when hubby and I went out on Saturday nights until late, we used to buy the Sunday papers on the way home, wake up at midday on Sunday, have brunch, read the papers then relax until it was time to prepare dinner - which we did together following a fancy recipe we'd found in a magazine or cookery book, with ingredients we'd bought the day before during our weekly shop. These days, the week's super manic, Saturdays are spent chilling out with take-aways and DVDs, and Sundays tend to be the days when we do the week's housework - washing up, laundry and ironing, occasionally also tidying up, hoovering and dusting. And they say life gets better when you're older?!

Today I've started the day with a jumbo cup of "orange spice" coffee from the selection I gave hubby for Christmas last year. It's pretty revolting to be honest, but I fancied filter coffee and we'd run out of coffee beans and ground coffee. Once I finish drinking it (which could be days, at the current rate) I'm getting stuck into this Sunday's projects, which are:

1. Return kitchen to kitchen-like status (as opposed to current something's-exploded-in-here state);

2. Continue counting unread books (I gave up temporarily when I reached 45 after doing just one room);

3. Cook something nutricious for dinner (veggie soup or pasta are the only options here, as there's nothing else in the fridge and going to the corner shop means leaving the house);

4. Place an order for groceries to magically find their way to our front door sometime next week (you've got to love internet shopping).

Special project: tidy up the little table in the hallway where we dump our post and anything else we happen to be holding in our hands when get home, making it impossible to find it again on the misshapen pile.

Hmmmmm. I wonder how many of these I will have achieved by the end of today. If I don't manage any of them, I'll just have to rationalise. Wish me luck either way.


Betty C. said...

I have at least a dozen places around the house that look like this table...and that's not counting what's behind closed doors and drawers! And no it does NOT get better with age because we accumulate more stuff and, sometimes, human beings.

Kathy said...

My entire house is in a similar state but do you see me panicking?No and let me tell you why:
1)Cleanliness weakens your body against infections and other diseases that is why I am as healthly as a horse(except for the headaches,sinusitis,and excyma;-)
2)If I clean it today,what will I do tomorrow?
3)If I clean it today,it'll be dirty in 2 days anyway so I'll clean it then. And finally....
4)I AM A MESSY PERSON. Yup, I've come to terms with it.I could spend hours cleaning but won't feel comfortable until there is a layer of dust on my furniture and clothes spread out all over the place. C'est la vie

Loops said...

Hey, guess what? My flat looks like yours :) I've managed to clear half of it to a reasonably acceptable state and I'm trying to find the energy to do the rest. My excuse is that I went to the gym this afternoon and now I ache. However excuses don't get the housework done.
The critical stuff has been done though (i.e. clothes ironed for tomorrow and the bedding changed).

Tinsie said...

@ Betty: Problem is I don't have enough doors and drawers to hide mess in, so most of it is exposed and needs re-arranging every so often to keep it looking neat. Either that or we ought to move to a bigger house.

@ Kathy: I'm messy too. It drives hubby crazy, but I can't help it. You are who you are and all that. At least the little table looks a bit better now. Not much, but it'll do.

@ Loops: Μy excuse is that blogging's more fun :-)

At least I've finished sorting through my books. I have 120 unread ones. If I take 6 months off work to go lie on a beach somewhere warm, I should be able to read them all and start buying new ones. Whey hey!!

Loops said...

Can I come and join you on that warm beach? I'm sure I have a similar number of books lying around and I have loads I should read for work too.

Karen said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this pile!

Tinsie said...

@ Loops: Need you ask?

@ Karen: It appears we're all in good company ;-)

Eirene H said...

Hey and I thought that I was the one with the worst desk ever! ha ha ha (PS I do like the idea of joining you at the beach!!)

Tinsie said...

Come along, girl! The more the merrier ;-)