Saturday, November 03, 2007

Anyone for luuuuurve?

A couple of hours ago, hubby was settling down to watch CSI and as I didn't fancy lots of blood and gore, I thought I'd go to bed with a DVD instead. I looked for something that was likely to entertain me for half an hour or so, and deliberately chose Wimbledon from my list of unwatched DVDs (which is almost, but not quite, the same size as my list of unread books, but that's a different story).

I'm no fan of tennis, having never watched a whole game (I know, shock horror) and I only bought the DVD because it was £3 in the sales - barely more than rental price. I never for a moment thought that I'd watch it all tonight, but there I was, 98 mins later, hubbie long asleep next to me, watching it to the very end and finding myself enjoying every minute of it.

I was going to write a review, but I found this on Amazon which is spot on, and I'm shamelessly copying it:

This is a film with no hidden depths. Tennis purists are unlikely to find the matches all that convincing and this may irritate. Yet I've given it four stars. I went to see this film wanting to be cheered up and to relax, not having to think too hard. It is a light-hearted romantic comedy which delivers exactly what you would expect from its genre. It is predictable and it is fun. If you want to be challenged then this is not for you. Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst are engaging with the backing of a supporting cast of quirky characters. Some of these work better than others. Overall however it is a film which presses all of the buttons you expect such a comedy to press. If you liked Love Actually or Bridget Jones or Notting Hill I'd expect you to like this. If romantic comedy isn't your thing then this isn't going to change your mind.

Just one more thing to add - as the film's shot in London, it will appeal to the Capital lovers amongst you (you know who you are ;-)


Betty C. said...

Love Actually is one of my faves...haven't heard of this one, though (I guess I know why.) I'll keep it in mind if I find it for five euros!

I really enjoy fun, light films now. I used to get into depressing masterpieces like The Killing Fields but my tastes have totally changed with age and having kiddies.

Tinsie said...

Same here, Betty. My take is that if I want to get depressed, all I have to do is switch on the news! When I watch films I'd rather see something a little happier and lighter :-)

Love Actually is my all time favourite feel-good movie. Do watch out for Wimbledon, I think you'll like it.

Karen said...

I did like this movie, I'll have to rent it again!

Kathy said...

I bought it on sale as well and didn't expect much but I was happily surprised that it was funny, romantic and not at all boring.The actors are fantastic especially the main actor.Can't remeber his name but I think he's brilliant.
I adore Love Actually,Bridit Jone's diary and The Holiday.
Another good film is The last Holiday.Thought it was good.

Shionge said...

Hey Tinsie, I read your comments at my blog about those postcards, I certainly wished you luck.

By the way, been to London many times but this time we are heading to USA so I hope to meet you when I visit UK again.

When we travelled to UK, we always stayed over with our English friends in Birmingham as well as Welsh frens in Cardiff as well as in South Wales....hey I will call upon you someday ya!

I hope you'll let me know if you do visit and I'll be glad to be your host :D

Tinsie said...

@ Karen: Glad it's not just me :-)

@ Kathy: The Last Holiday's the one with the woman who thinks she's dying but she's not? I've seen bits of it on a flight, but was too tired to watch it from start to finish. I might have to rent it.

@ Shionge: Ι'll definitely look you up if I make it to Singapore, and you should do the same if you're ever in London :-)