Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Harry Potter poll

I've just found out that Blogger now allows you to post polls on your blog (for all I know, this facility has existed for months, but I've only just discovered it, so bear with me and my excitement).

I love stats and couldn't resist putting together a little poll. I chose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as I'm in the process of reading the book at the moment.

So go on, click away and let us know if you're a Harry Potter fan or not.


Shionge said...

Hehehe...never too late to know Tinsie......Strange but true I am not a Harry Potter per se coz I did not read any of the books but I am A FAN of Harry Potter coz my Bibi is an ardent fan....all excited over Potter though kekek..

palmtreefanatic said...

Hi tinsie!
thanks for stopping by!
My daughter loves harry potter and i will be getting her the new book for her Bday this week!

Firecracker George said...

Hey Tinsie.

You've finally popped up in Kool-Aid land enough times that I felt compelled to see where you're "from," so to speak.

I feel like I've wandered into the women's bathroom by mistake; looking around, wondering why it's so clean, and why there aren't any urinals.

As for the subject of this thread, I can't read, so no I'm not reading the book.

Betty C. said...

Well, that was fun. I think blog platforms can probably allow us to do a lot of things we don't take time to learn how to do!

ShadowFalcon said...

Of course I'm a fan!

Tinsie said...

@ Shionge: Have you not been tempted to borrow Bibi's books and start reading?

@ Palmtreefanatic: Ditto ;-)

@ Firecracker George: Make sure you wash your hands and leave the loo seat down!!

@ Betty: Indeed!

@ Shadowfalcon: I thought you might be :-)

Karen said...

Tinsie-not a fan, but it's good to catch up with you and your summer! Glad to see it's going well!!

I need a post of your top ten fave books. I've read a couple of good ones recently and will write them up as soon as we're done unpacking the new house.

Tinsie said...

Hi Karen! Great to see you here :-)

Top 10 fave books, huh? I'll have to give it some thought and get back to you...