Sunday, July 08, 2007


Since I'm still in Tour de France mode, how about a French-style breakfast? You can't beat café crème served with croissants - unless it's served with croissants, pains au chocolate, freshly squeezed orange juice, yoghurt, fresh bread and Bon Maman jam :-)

Bon appetit!


Shionge said...

I just luvvvvvvv croissants especially with chocolate mmmmmmmmm....yum yum :D

Enjoy your breakfast my dear pal :D

Kathy said...

Ti mou kaneis vre!!!It looks delish.You know what else is a great breakfast?A hot tiropita and a cold frappe on the beach at 9am. Yummy
Athens is quite hot during the day but it cools down at night so at least we can get some sleep.Sent you an e-mail telling you all about it.

Fyurien said...

Mmm, French food is awesome. Makes me hungry =).

Tinsie said...

All food makes me hungry, but croissants are top of my list, esp. when I can dunk them in coffee. Mmmmmmm!