Monday, October 12, 2009

Cooking blues

I was inspired to do this post by Betty C. who photographed seven blue objects in her kitchen and did a little show and tell.

I must admit I'm not a huge fan of blue in the kitchen, as I find it doesn't compliment the reasons why you'd go into the kitchen, i.e. to cook or eat. Have you thought how few edible blue fruits and plants there are in nature? Personally I can think of some red grapes, blueberries and not much else!

Blue being hubby's favourite colour, we have some blue items in our kitchen in London, but as I'm currently in Athens, my collection of blue objects numbers just two cups, one of which is more purple than blue.

This floral cup is my favourite. I used to have two of them, but one broke, so now I have just the one cup and two saucers. It's quite a small cup but it's the perfect size for my coffee, as I can never drink the amount in a regular sized mug without half the liquid going cold.

Luckily I had dinner with my brother and his wife the other day, and got to photograph the remaining five blue items for this post in their kitchen. Look at the kitchen table set for us: blue crockery, cutlery with blue handles and even blue paper napkins. It's a blue photographer's paradise!

On the kitchen counter, I snapped my sister-in-law's cup of coffee.

Then they turned their kettle and toaster on for me, and guess what, both of them light blue! Project complete.

In case you're wondering what we had for dinner, we ordered chef's salad, spagetti and a massive pizza from the local takeaway.

And no, we didn't manage to finish it all. At least half the pizza ended up in the freezer for another day.


Karen said...

Hmmmmm. I don't know about the blue (and I broke the camera last week anyway), but that pizza looks amazing. :-)

Actually, come to think of it, I admire your brother's dishes. I could tell instantly that they have no children...that stuff wouldn't last a day at my house.

Tinsie said...

The pizza tasted as good as it looks, and you're right, there are no little people in their home. They'll have to replace all their crockery and half their furniture when that time comes ;-)

Gattina said...

In my kitchen everything is red and white, there is no blue at all.
BTW you gave me an idea for what to prepare for supper tonight ... I will throw a pizza in the oven !

Karen said...

Maybe they can just put it away for the empty next years...

I was going to do chicken tacos tonight, but now I'm leaning toward pizza.

Vogon Poet said...

I was just curious about your answer to my comment...
Funny idea and I just counted in my modest kitchen a bit more than seven blues things. And this is a case, I don't match much in my purchases!

Shanny said...

Blue? I love blue! Funny to think that NONE of my kitchen stuff is blue! Huh?

The pizza looks good though! Too bad I'm not a big pizza fan :(

Per Stromsjo said...

Hubby knows best: blue is the colour! ;)

palmtreefanatic said...

pretty blues!
yummy food and fancy table
that pizza would have been SO far gone here:D

Tinsie said...

Well, well... I see many people are eating pizza tonight. I would too, if I wasn't dieting. Bah!

@ Vogon Poet: That's a lot of blue for one modest kitchen! I think you should do a "cooking blues" post. Consider yourself tagged :-)

@ Shanny: How can you not like pizza? It's the best comfort food there is (well, I think so anyway)!

Do you have other blue items around the house? You could do a post about them. The original idea was to talk about seven blue items in your home, not just your kitchen.

@ Per: I expect approx. 80% of men worldwide would agree with you ;-)

Betty C. said...

Those are nice pale blues! You do have a good point about blue and food -- I had never thought about that, actually. Blue is my favorite color for everything, though, so that my explain my penchant for it in the kitchen.

Thanks for doing the meme!