Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All is revealed

Since you guys were asking about the kiwi & lime juice I posted about yesterday, I fished the carton out of the recycling bin and had a look at the ingredients list. Here's what I found out:

It contains (quote) Water, Juice Concentrates of: Lime - Apple - Orange, Sugar, Natural Stabiliser: Gum Arabic, Nature Identical Flavours of: Kiwi - Gooseberry - Lime, Natural Colours: Betacarotene, Brilliant Blue.

It is made by Saudi food company Al Rabie and according to their website it's not as popular a flavour as orange, but it's more popular than apple.

I don't know what kind of "natural" colour brilliant blue is, or why there is no actual kiwi in kiwi & lime juice. I'm sure the guys in Brussels would have something to say about that. Tut tut.

Still, it tasted really good.


Shionge said...

Yoooooohooo...you are a great blog buddy, you went all out for us :)


Per Stromsjo said...

Well, since all those other ingredients already were part of this someone thought that kiwi should at least be included in the name?

Tinsie said...

@ Shionge: Anything for you!

@ Per Stromsjo: Perhaps they thought it'd explain the lurid green colour ;-)

Mediterranean kiwi said...

talk about misleading - a kiwi drink with no kiwi in it; how on earth di they put the kiwi flavour in it if it didnt have kiwi in it!

Tinsie said...

It's amazing what you can do with E numbers ;-)