Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yummy beef stew

If you're looking for an easy to cook, great tasting beef stew, look no further! After reading Karen's glowing recommendation, I decided to follow this recipe for a basic beef stew with carrots and mushrooms, and what a success it was! Even though I had to improvise a little as all the measurements were in American cups and ounces, and some of the ingredients I'd never heard of (cremini mushrooms? cans of beef broth?), the stew tasted yummy, especially considering how easy and quick it was to make. It went really well with herby dumplings (out of a packet, I'm afraid) and was much appreciated by all.

Thanks, Karen, for the recommendation. I suspect this will become a winter staple, especially as there's always plenty of red wine in the house ;-)


Karen said...

I'm so glad you tried this! Truthfully, I have no idea what a cremini mushroom is, either. Cooking Light does tend to be a little snobby with their ingredients. I think the red wine was the key, don't you? It gave it such a nice taste. You dumplings look fab, by the way.

I just pulled the chicken out of the freezer, am trying your chorizo and chicken meal tonight. Will report back.

Tinsie said...

Thanks, I was pleased with the dumplings as I'd never made them before.

How did the bean and chorizo stew turn out? I'm making it again tonight :-)

Betty C. said...

I love dumplings! Yours look fabulous -- were they full of herbs?

Tinsie said...

Not full of herbs - they were just perfect for someone who likes herbs (me) and a bit too herby for someone who doesn't like them at all (hubby).