Friday, September 19, 2008

What to do with a spare weekend?

If only things had gone according to plan, I would now be sitting on a Eurostar train, champagne glass in hand, zooming my way to Luxembourg via Paris for a pampering weekend with hubby. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Following last week's fire in the Channel Tunnel, getting out of the UK by train isn't an option unless you travel off peak and have a lot of time to spare, as check in and travel times have almost doubled. Eurostar have been advising against all non-essential travel until at least the end of the month, and after much ummming and ahhhing we finally relented and sent in our tickets to claim a refund. Luckily it was all refundable.

As a result, we are financially better off than we were last weekend, and certainly much better off than we would have been after the end of this weekend, but we now have ahead of us a weekend at home and nothing planned for it. Chilling out and doing housework are out of the question as we did that last weekend - we need to think of something else. So far I've come up with the following suggestions:

  • Do major grocery shop (good idea because fridge is empty)

  • Order lots of lovely take aways (ditto)

  • Watch DVDs (while eating take aways)

  • Do lots of baking (mmmm fruit cake, cupcakes, muffins, cookies)

  • Pray for nice weather (so we can sit out in the garden and pretend it's still summer)

  • Can you think of anything else? All suggestions greatly appreciated.


    Karen said... could get to work on that kid project???

    GMG said...

    Hi Tinsie! After a short break but a long absence, I’m finally back to the blogosphere…
    Nothing to do? Surf the net... Watch Ronaldo versus Deco... ;))
    Many thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, while I was off. It’s now still in Kos on the way to Crete! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend and a nice week ahead!

    Ropi said...

    Well, I am going to the zoo tomorrow despite the weather is chilly.

    Anonymous said...

    απο baking παντως αλλο τιποτα εδώ..το Σ/κ του δινω και καταλαβαίνει!

    Tinsie said...

    @ Karen: What project is that then?

    @ GMG: Welcome back!

    @ Ropi: Hope you have a good time, despite the weather. It's lovely here this weekend :-)

    @ Cook: Ακόμα δεν έχω ασχοληθεί, γιατί έφτιαξε ο καιρός και είμαστε όλη μέρα στον κήπο! Γιου χουυυυυ!

    Susan Mo said...

    Sounds like you need a good book!

    Karen said...

    Tinsie--the one that will require an orthodontist in ten years..

    Tinsie said...

    @ Susan: I think you may have a point there.

    @ Karen: Haha not sure one weekend is enough for that ;-)

    Karen said...

    It looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm so glad that you had some nice weather.

    Your Lux pic took me back to the days when I would drive to Lux City with a girlfriend for a haircut and lunch while the kids were in school. Very nice memories, I hope you get to go soon!

    Tinsie said...

    I hope so too, as I was sooooo looking forward to it. Realistically, I don't think I'll get there before November at the earliest and even that is looking unlikely because of the Eurostar situation :-(