Monday, March 24, 2008

Braving the elements

This morning we braved the elements and went out to watch a local Morris dance group perform a traditional Easter chair lifting.

Despite the sleet and bitterly cold wind, we had a fab time. I've taken several photos and a couple of short videos, which I'll post tomorrow.

Till then, hope you all had a good Easter and the weather isn't too awful where you are. It's still pretty cold here. I think it's the first time this winter that we've had to keep the heating on all day long to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house. And it's not even winter any more...

P.S. The telephone booth is nothing to do with Easter, Morris dancing or chair lifting, but it shows the sleety weather we had this morning.


Claire said...

We're blasting the heating here too - it's so cold!


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note on 'weather' ; Tinsie and I were hoping for better weather in Paris since we will be there this weekend (photos I'm sure will follow our trip ;)

any way, it's been snowing there and the forecast is heavy rain :( I thought I'd be escaping!!!

Suz xx

Shionge said...

I love the booth and I have the coin box still after buying the toffee from London souvenir shop ;)

Glad you had a great time Tinsie :D

Daniel B. said...

Surely you jest? But you live right next to one of those super British red telephone booths?! Awesome!!! When you get the chance, could you please take a photo of yourself (or friend) leaping out of it? Sweeet.

On a side note, the other night I watched the movie "Green Street Hooligans"... about your absolutely insane futbol fans you got there! I hope the movie wasn't factually accurate, because it was bloody violent.

On another side note, I haven't had much energy for blogging lately. I apologize.

Tinsie said...

@ Claire: I know - colder than Christmas, isn't it?

@ Suz: Make sure you pack your woollies! If worse comes to worst, we'll have to seek refuge in a department store or two ;-)

@ Shionge: They are cute, aren't they? Unfortunately in most places they've been replaced by modern glass cubicles which are easier to maintain, but don't have the same charm at all.

@ Daniel: Ι'll see what I can do ;-)

I've not watched the movie, but I guess it's probably representative of a portion of the football fans in the country. Sad but true.

Cheryl said...

It's warming up here, but I know better than to get my hopes up.

Kind of funny about your picture, cause i heard the red phone booths are disappearing in London.

Tinsie said...

They have pretty much been replaced by new-style ones except in the city centre, in tourist areas and in (some) conservation areas. It's a shame as the new ones aren't anywhere near as charming, but they are much easier to look after.