Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two things

This meme comes from Tina over the pond.

Two names you go by… Tinsie or Pie (don't ask)
Two things you are wearing right now… My nightdress (ahem)
Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship… Laughter and hugs
Two of your favorite things to do… Blog and read
Two things you want very badly at the moment… An extra hard drive or a new computer
Two pets you have or have had… I had a goldfish once, but it was a long time ago. Do my mum's two cats count?
Two things that you did last night… Read Trinny and Susanna's Survival Guide; had a glass of Chauvignon Blanc.
Two people you think will fill this out… Indie (I hope)?
Two things you ate today… Yoghurt with honey; chocolate Shreddies with semi-skimmed milk.
Two people you last talked to… My friend Loops and a random guy on the train home last night.
Two things you’re doing tomorrow… It's Chinese New Year, babe! Need I say more?
Two longest car rides… The longest car ride I've had lately was when my friend gave me a lift to the shops (about 4 mins away).
Two favorite holidays… Easter and Carnival
Two favorite beverages… Decaf coffee with Baileys or Assam tea with milk.
Two people no longer alive who you’d like to talk to… my two grandmothers.

Consider yourselves tagged :-)


Betty C. said...

Chauvignon or Sauvignon? Is this some sort of varietal mix that people drink in Great Britain (Chardonnay + Sauvignon?)

Tinsie said...

Haha! No, that's just me and my spelling ;-)

I don't like a lot of wine, so when I order I have to remember that I like Sauvignon Blanc, but hate Chardonnay, so as not to end up with the wrong one. As they're usually listed one after the other in most menus, they must have got fused in my head, creating a new variety!

I *knew* I should have stuck with a Pinot Grigio Rose, but I thought the Sauvignon Blanc would be nicer with my risotto.

RennyBA said...

Great meme, great to know a blog friend even better :-)

Wishing you a great New Chinese Year celebration :-)

Tinsie said...

Thank you, Rennyba! I don't suppose you celebrate CNY in Norway, do you?

Indie said...

Pretty good meme. What are your plans for Chinese New Year? I'd love some Chinese right now. But a risotto sounds lovely too. What kind did you make? I like chicken with mushroom and some parmesan cheese. Yum

Shionge said...

This is so cute :D I luv it!

Tinsie said...

@ Indie: Ι went into town for CNY, watched the parade and fireworks, had dinner at a restaurant in Chinatown, did a bit of shopping. It was good fun :-)

The risotto was prawn and broccoli - very subtle and very tasty. Chicken with mushroom sounds good too.

@ Shionge: Does this mean you'll be taking part then? I can't wait to read your answers :-)