Saturday, February 23, 2008

How cluttered is *your* mind?

It's Saturday morning, I've made a jumbo cup of vanilla coffee and thought I'd try another one of those quizzes. So here's the verdict:

My Mind is 22% Cluttered

My mind is very free. I've liberated myself from most worries and problems.

And even if something does start to clutter my mind, I'm easily able to let it go.

All well and good, but the question this poses is - if my mind's so free from worry, what keeps it so busy all the time???


Betty C. said...

These quizzes are fun. I turned out to be 51% cluttered, which is pretty accurate. I do feel overwhelmed much of the time and have a lot on my plate, but I do feel I manage to keep some perspective.

Tinsie said...

I love these quizzes, too :-)

I have to say, 51% is pretty balanced, esp. for someone who's got kids. I've got no personal experience, but I guess a lot of what clutters a parent's mind probably is offspring-related.

Indie said...

Seems like my brain is quite cluttered too. 50% to be exact......
What were we talking about???
Oh yeah cluttered,anyway I've got to go. Have to correct compositions, clean bathroom, prepare a test, iron clothes and wash the dishes. What were we talking about again? :-)
Talk to you soon. Filia...

Tinsie said...

Hahaha! At least the cluttered half has a good sense of humour ;-)