Saturday, January 05, 2008

Athens shop windows

The other night we did some late night window shopping in downtown Athens. Here's what we saw:

Attica The Department Store has themed shop windows based on famous capital cities.

This is Athens (ahem) ...


Paris (*not* Amsterdam) ...

... and Tokyo.

Remember the upside down Christmas tree? If this window is anything to go by, it's certainly caught on in Athens.

There were plenty of traditional Christmas trees too.

As well as other typical Christmas decorations. I particularly liked the three little Santas.

It's a good job the shops were shut, as I might have been tempted to fritter my euros!


Kathy said...

I still can't stomach the upside down Christmas tree.It's so anti-christmas. the Attica shops were quite impressive but I can't understand why they had Athens on the side instead of the front. It is beyond me. Went down to Athens with Anna today and had a coffee at old Zonars.I love that place. Papandreou walked in today. Didn't have my camera though.

Tinsie said...

I tell you, these upside-down Christmas trees are all the rage ;-)

Are you saying Papandreou walked into Zonars while you were there and you did nothing coz you didn't have your camera with you? What about your mobile phone?! Or Anna's?!!!