Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yassou Maria

Last year's winners - Lordi from Finland

May is Eurovision month - yay yay yay! There are only nine days to go before the semi final, and eleven before the final on May 12th in Helsinki, Finland, and I can't wait!

Last year 7 of us went to Athens and watched the final live. It was an amazing experience, not least because we were there for five days and spent practically every one of them on the beach. This year I'm having a Eurovision party at home. Not as much fun, but it'll have to do, as no one fancied Helsinki - with temperatures topping 7 C at the moment, and flights costing an arm and a leg, I can't say I blame them. On the plus side, Loops promised to make a Baileys cheesecake for the party, so that's one yummy thing to look forward to.

I just ordered the Eurovision CD from Amazon, so I've not listened to the songs yet, but since Sarbel, who's singing this year's Greek entry, is one of my favourite singers, I hope you'll forgive me the shameless plug. The song's not half bad, I hope those of you who click play will enjoy listening (and maybe even dancing) to it.


Shionge said...

I have no idea at all until reading this Tinsie :) How interesting!

Tinsie said...

Hi there Shionge!
Eurovision is a song contest that has been taking place every year since 1956. Every country sends a singer/group, and voters from all over Europe vote by phone or text message for their favourite song. The country that wins hosts the contest the following year.
I've got fond memories of watching it on TV since I was a kid, and last year I finally managed to watch it live and loved every minute of it. It's like a huge party with people from all over Europe - great fun.

Kathy from sunny Greece said...

I agree.The Sarbel song is quite good.It may not win but it is a decent entry.I haven't heard many of the other songs though.
I had a great time at last year's contest with you all.Wish we could do it again but here in Athens:-)
Is there anything better that lounging on the beach during the day and partying at the contest at night?I think not!So boys and girls all you have to do is vote for Sarel and next year you could enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches sipping an icy cold frappe and dancing the night away at the Olympic Stadium:-)
Don't forget to get your friends to vote in other countries too.

Tinsie said...

Kathy, you've got the right idea :-)
I'd love it if Eurovision was hosted in Greece again - May is the perfect time to visit and we had such a fab time last year!