Saturday, May 19, 2007

I blame the FA Cup final

Our Tesco home delivery, which was scheduled for the 4-6 PM slot, will be approx. 1.5 hours late. A kind lady rang to tell us around 5 PM. We regularly get Tesco to deliver our groceries and they're usually very good about sticking to their slot. It's the first time *ever* that they've missed a slot completely, totally buggering our plans to go into town and meet up with friends this evening. We need our groceries more than we need an evening in the pub, and if they don't deliver today we have to wait until Tuesday to get our hands on such staples as toilet paper, milk, bread and ice-cream (and by that time I bet everything will be nearing its "best by" date and will need consuming asap).

I wonder if this delay is in any way linked to the FA Cup final? Is it a coincidence that the match started at 3:00 PM and was still going strong at 5 PM? I suspect not. After all, the delay can't be anything to do with the traffic, as there haven't been many cars out there all afternoon, what with half the population being glued to their TV sets.

By the way, I'm not much of a football fanatic, but I'm glad Chelsea won, esp. after such a dramatic game. And it's nice to see the new Wembley's finished at last. About time.


Γκρινιάρης said...

Since you are happy about Chelsea winning the cup, you'll be happy to know that Chelsea scored the goal while I was replying to your own comment! What a coincidence! :)

I' ve never tried home delivery of groceries since I have some supermarkets pretty close. But you can't blame Tesco for the delay! After all, who would expect that the game would need extra time to have a winner? Such unexpected things can cause schedule disturbances! :)

However, there is always time for a pint, isn't it?

Tinsie said...

I guess you're right - I can't expect service on a day like this :-p

Shame you missed the goal. I hardly watched any of the game, but I did see the goal coz I went into the living room to answer the phone. Perfect timing :-)

Shionge said...

I came back on Saturday at about 10.30pm Singapore time....FA Cup kicked off at 10 pm.

We are ManU fan but glad that Chelsea won too :D

ShadowFalcon said...

I was at the New Wembley the other day and I know it cost a forune but I loved it!

On FA cup finals I tend to lock all the doors and hide until its all over, thanks to the pub across the road I usualy know the results anyway.

angela said...

I was checking out home delivery for my mum last time i was in the UK. Wish they'd had it when I was there. I hate supermarket shopping.

Daniel B. said...


Betty C. said...

I was in London this weekend and saw some jubilant Chelsea fans in the tube. It was a treat for my daughter and her friend, although I think the fans had already had one too many!

Tinsie said...

Hello all!

Sorry for the silence, work & life have been too busy lately and keeping me away from the PC.

Shionge, welcome back! How was your trip?

Shadowfalcon, I'd love to go and see it, but I'm in the wrong part of London, so I'd have to make a special trip. I wonder if it might still be worth it?

Angela, same here, can't stand supermarkets. Thank God for home delivery :-)

Daniel, we've experienced football (soccer?) fever lately, first with the FA cup, then with the UEFA cup, but it's almost all over now. The cricket and tennis (both of which I have very little enthusiasm for) seasons are starting now and there's also the Tour de France coming up in little over a month.

Betty, forget one - they probably had two or three too many by then ;-)