Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy birthday, Kathy!

I didn't forget. I just remembered late ;-)

Xronia polla & kala!

With all my love,

Tins xx


Shionge said...

Happy Birthday Kathy...I'm Tinsie's blog pal ;D

Kathy said...

Thank you very much filenada:-)
I almost forgot my birthday (or I wanted to forget).
I had a great time actually.Went out with my friends to a place called O horos ton gefseon which was fantastic. We had a fab time.Wish you could have been here. Two of my friends are here from Toronto and we went sightseeing on Saturday and Sunday which was a lot of fun. You know how much I love going to the ancient sites.We had lovely weather and I got a bit of a tan. It was 30 degrees today.Psithikame.
Are you watching the Eurovision Semis?I watched a bit.Good luck to everyone.Don't forget to vote for Greece or Cyprus so we can enjoy Eurovision by the beach getting an awesome tan.

Marg, the Sal. said...

Happy Birthday! :)