Thursday, April 29, 2010


As you may have noticed, I'm going through a period of limited blogging activity. This is because I've been too busy sorting through my photo files, following a burst of photo-taking activity in the first two weeks of April. More on that later.

One of the posts I've been meaning to write and not got round to, is the story of This was last week (either Tuesday or Thursday, can't remember exactly) but I still have the photo and the notes, so here goes.

The condiments cupboard provides a home for our wine and, by association, anything else that comes in a bottle. It is in the least accessible corner of the kitchen, next to the washing machine, and never gets tidied. I've long suspected that it is the toilet of my kitchen: things go in and never come out. Until now, that is.

I was dreading emptying it, but it wasn't so bad after all. Or rather, it could have been much worse. These were my findings:

2 small bottles olive oil
1 large bottle groundnut oil
2 small bottles groundnut oil (one almost empty, both expired)
2 bottles white wine vinegar (one of them looking manky)
1 bottle cider vinegar
1 large bottle vegetable oil
1 bottle rice vinegar (expired 2007)
1 bottle rice mirin
1 bottle balsamic vinegar (expired 2009)
2 bottles sesame oil (both expired, one since October 2005)
2 pots of olives
1 jar Madras curry paste (expired)
1 small bottle malt vinegar
2 small bottles red wine (for cooking)
1 bottle balsamic dipping oil (expired)
2 bottles chilli garlic dipping oil (one expired August 2004)
1 bottle hot peri peri sauce (expired February 2005)
1 bottle hot Tabasco sauce (expired August 2009)
1 bottle Jamaican jerk sauce (unopened and expired August 2006)
1 bottle soy sauce (expired December 2007)
1 bottle lime and coriander marinade (not expired)
2 bottles frying spray

My observations as follows:

The previous clear-out of the condiments cupboard must have been ca. 2003. Ouch.

I have a "thing" for vinegar. Any and all types.

I must stop buying fancy oils and sauces on a whim (the only possible explanation for the Jamaican jerk sauce).

It's amazing how much space you can create in a small cupboard by binning foodstuff that's no longer fit for consumption.


palmtreefanatic said...

well then you MUST feel accomplished after clearing it out right????lol!
you go girl!

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, you found a treasure in there! Now throw some of them out LOL!

Tinsie said...

@ Palmtreefanatic: I feel very pleased with myself :-)

@ HalfCrazy: I've already binned everything that was past its BBD or looked manky. Yay!!!

Karen said...

Manky is a GREAT word!

You could start a business, you know. I'll bet there's money to be had.

Come over here first, please.

Tinsie said...

Hehe :-)

Betty C. said...

I really should call every day "tackle-it" day, but usually get side-tracked...I used to pile up more food items but have finally learnt to limit myself a bit.

Are you going to be tackling something every Thursday?

Karen said...

Moose and TM are sitting here asking who you are....

Tinsie said...

@ Betty: I aspire to tackle a little problem area every day, but I seem to suffer from the same affliction... I get sidetracked way too easily.

@ Karen: Hmmmm.... I wonder if that's good or bad. Hi guys! :-)

Loops said...

Looks just like my cupboards! I love buying fancy stuff for "special occasions" but then forget to use it and find them hiding (usually in a sticky mess) at the back of a cupboard years out of date. I'm thinking of the bottle of lime flavoured olive oil nestling amongst my other oils...

Tinsie said...

Don't even get me started on the sticky mess! Luckily, baby wipes made light work of it :-)

Loops said...

Last time I had a major re-org of my kitchen cupboards I bought a load of plastic trays/ baskets for herbs, spices, oils etc. Now I don't get kamikaze bottles throwing themselves at my head every time I open the door and checking for prehistoric stuff/ cleaning is much easier.