Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too eager or what?

For the next ten days or so I'll be temporarily joining the local workforce, which, you may remember, I left 11 months ago. I've not yet started looking for a proper job (I admit I'm enjoying life in the slow lane way too much) but occasionally a little bit of work comes my way, and I don't like to say no to some extra $$.

Today was supposed to be my first day.

What did I do yesterday morning? Why, I got up, showered, put on my power suit and went to work. Yep, you've guessed it, I got my dates mixed up and went in a day early.

This has got to be one of the most embarrassing things ever - it certainly makes my personal Top 10 of idiotic moments. I mean, I know some people are too early for appointments and stuff (BTW I hate these people) but whoever heard of reporting for work a day early?

Luckily, I was saved from total mortification by someone else's bad planning: the project I'm supposed to be helping with went majorly wrong yesterday morning and they needed all hands on deck. Just as well I turned up nice and early at 8:55 AM. I was welcomed with a puzzled look and a sigh of relief by my boss, and no one else stood still long enough to wonder what I was doing there. After all, who questions the presence of an extra lifeboat when they're sinking?

So, as of yesterday, I'm a worker, and the project is back on track.


Sandi said...

Hi Tinsie - that's SO funny!!! you were saved luckily but it's like your first day at school and getting the enrollment days mixed up and you're standing their in your new school uniform and packed lunch box :( poor tinsie!

Any way, good luck with your new job and hopefully it will tempt you to come and join the 'happy workforce' on a more permanent basis ;)

Karen said...

I think I love you!

You realize that THAT is exactly something I would do, right? I can't imagine such a nice turnout for myself, but I'm glad it worked for you.

Happy temporary employment!

Tinsie said...

@ Sandi: At least I didn't have a packed lunch with me!! I guess I could pretend I was in the neighbourhood? Although I'm not sure many people go for early morning walks in a work suit and high heels. Ho hum.

@ Karen: Thank God for someone else's bad planning, that's all I can say ;-)

lemon said...

You should be given a prize instead of felling embarassed-this shows such a responsible person... I would surely be happy to have you as a co-worker!

Tinsie said...

Awww thanks for saying that! In fairness, my colleagues were fine about it, even the boss said nothing. It really could have been a lot worse. I could have shown up on a quiet day ;-)

Loops said...

It could have been a lot worse - you could have been a day late!

Congrats on the job - I hope you enjoy it.

Tinsie said...

I guess you're right ;-)