Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 Things I Love

I am honored to have been nominated by Karen for this post.

According to the rules, I get to list 7 things that I love and then pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to 7 other friends. I think I might bend the rules a bit, as I don't like awards and some of the blogs I'll nominate aren't written by friends or people who even know me (so they will probably never know they've been awarded anything).

So here are 7 things I love:

1. Summer. I love the sun and sea and hot, dry weather. I like light clothes, bare legs, dangly bracelets, strappy sandals and platform flip flops. I adore blue skies, long summer days and eating al fresco. I crave summer even more because it's such a rare occurrence in the UK.

2. Travelling. I travelled a lot as a kid, and grew to hate the constant change of scenery. Then I realised that I loved seeing new places and the only way to do that was to travel. So I'm learning to love planes, trains and automobiles all over again.

3. Pictures. I love looking at images and creating them too. I have a huge postcard collection. When I was younger I painted a lot, now I take photos. I took almost 3,000 photos during my latest two-week break in the sun. Some of them will make their way into this blog or my other one. My favourite themes are scenic views and buildings. I love looking at buildings, inside and out. If I could do math, I'd have become an architect.

4. Ice cream and chocolate. Ice-cream is the food of the gods. I can survive on it alone, I swear. The only flavour I don't like is chocolate. Possibly also mint, but I've never tried it, so I can't be sure. I like chocolate bars, but only the milk kind, and I dislike all other chocolatey things - cake, muffins, biscuits, torte, mousse etc.

5. Books. Even books without pictures hehe ;-) but my favourite authors are those whose words make images IYKWIM. I like books about relationships the best. Books that talk about abstract things bore me. I'm a sucker for resolutions and happy endings.

6. Talking. Writing letters, emails and Facebook messages. Chatting. Having debates. Commenting on blogs. Posting in forums. Generally any opportunity I can get to exchange views, stories and ideas.

7. Dancing. Not so much watching others, as dancing myself. Over the years I've done traditional Greek, Irish, Latin, salsa, ballroom, ceroc, Egyptian and Bollywood dancing. My favourite are ceroc and Bollywood, because you don't have to worry too much about what your legs are doing! Irish dancing is the most tiring, as it's all legwork. I would have liked to learn Capoeira, but I think I'm probably too old to start now.

P.S. I love food too, but as I'm on a diet, I try not to think about it any more than I have to.

7 of my favourite blogs are: My baking addiction, Bad British Architecture, Daily Photo Stream, Ismoyo's Playground, Daisy Pink Cupcake, White Walls For Ever and La France Profonde.

If you'd like to talk about the 7 things *you* love, and your 7 favourite blogs, please consider yourselves tagged!


Shanny said...

OMG! I just found out that you and Lee are pretty much twins: hate chocolate! Like you, he only takes milk chocolate on very rare occasion and he practically hates everything with chocolate!

Tinsie said...

It seems to me Lee and I agree on lots of things ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing these info with us

Karen said...

I love rebels who make up their own rules!

The dancing is my favorite one.


Shionge said...

Hey 7 is my favourite number because when I was young, I stayed on Apartment Block No. 77, 7th Floor..just love 7 ;)

I enjoyed facebooking too ;D

Per Stromsjo said...

Books only at #5 ? ;)

Tinsie said...

@ Exposemaximum: You're very welcome!

@ Karen: I like to think I'm a rebel with a cause ;-)

@ Shionge: In that case, I'm definitely tagging you to tell us the 7 things you love!

@ Per Stromsjo: The order is totally random ;-)

Vogon Poet said...

I had to read some posts to find where you named my blog and had some fun in the process... You are as good with words and stories as you are with your camera.
Thank you for naming me, I am not a great fan of blog awards but always appreciate the thought, even more a link!
I score 4 out seven of your loved things (not so keen on summer, dancing and talking) but really could live on ice cream...

Tinsie said...

Thank you for your kind words - I do enjoy words as much as I enjoy images, it's nice to know that others like what I write as well as what I take pictures of!

How can anyone *not* like summer?!!