Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What's in a handbag?

Today I had a bit of a tackle-it-Tuesday feeling, so I thought I'd sort through my handbags. I don't have a handbag fetish to speak of (I'm more of shoe princess) but I am a hoarder, so my regulation one-handbag-per-year adds up to quite a formidable collection of 11 handbags - one of which is in regular use, while the remaining 10 clutter the one and only cupboard we have in our flat.

I started by taking all 10 of them out and emptying them of their various contents. This is what my desk looked like once I'd finished.

In total, I found:

£4.88 in coins
3 lipsticks
2 lip salves
2 lip glosses
2 mini flashlights
11 pens (!!!)
3 mini tubes of handcream
1 mini toothbrush
My work badge that I'd been looking for everywhere
1 bookmark
2 eyeshadow compacts
1 mini shoe horn
A set of Nokia ear phones (my mobile is Sony Ericsson)
1 mini Diptyque Do Son eau de toilette perfume
9 hair clips in two sizes
1 box of Oral-B dental sticks
Cinema receipts from 2004 and 2008
A ticket for Phantom of the Opera (12-March-2005)
Several used bus and tube tickets
Used tissues, bits of paper, sweet wrappers etc.
1 Tesco bag for life (neatly folded)
3 umbrella cases - no umbrellas
1 under eye concealer
An old bank passbook from Greece
2 payslips (one unopened)
1 box of Compeed plasters
1 pair of nail scissors

I'm happy to say that I have now sorted through the junk and have packed 3 of my bags to take to the local charity shop. I can't quite bring myself to part with the remaining seven yet, but I'm getting there.

I might tackle my shoe collection next Tuesday.


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! Thats alot of stuff!
lots of pens and lip stuff;)
hope you feel accomplished now;)

Tinsie said...

I feel almost virtuous. It's been my first tackle in a long, long time :-)

pamsie said...

I suspect that if I went through my handbags too (and I have way more than 11 - bags and shoes both being my weaknesses), I would find a lot of rubbish too. Lip balms, handcream and hairclips for sure, but I somehow doubt that I will find that many pens. ;-)

Tinsie said...

I always have a pen in my handbag, sometimes two, so 11 pens from 10 handbags means I'm actually a few short ;-)

I wonder what's happened to the rest of them...

Karen said...

Oh, my. You've set the bar pretty high, Tinsie. I can't think of anything to tackle here that would produce that much fun and interesting "stuff," so I think I'll settle for being an underachiever today. :-)

I did finally finish a corkboard project (after three years) that I will post soon.

Tinsie said...

I have to say, I never imagined emptying my bags out would produce quite so much stuff!

JM said...

Lol! This is truly amazing! That's why ladies' bags allways are so heavy! :-)

And yes, I think you are the only one with that feeling for penguins... Very funny! :-)))

Tinsie said...

I have to say, sometimes my handbag feels like it weighs a ton ;-)

You've not posted more penguin pics, have you?!!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

3 umbrella cases and no umbrellas - how many times have i had the same thing happen to me!!!

this is a very revealing post, the contents of one's bag say a lot about a person!

redundant said...

this made me laugh out loud :-D