Sunday, March 01, 2009

Letting the cat out of the bag

I have a confession to make. Last week's Wordless Wednesday photo wasn't one of mine, but one that I've borrowed -- with permission, I hasten to add -- from Betty C's blog, La France Profonde. Betty realised some time ago that we were doing WW at the same pace, so we decided to keep it up and collaborate to mark the occasion of our 50th WW posts. I came up with the idea of taking photos of our dinners. Betty came up with the idea of each of us posting a WW photo from the other's blog. Betty won. The rest, as they say, is history.

The photo I chose, of (what looks remarkably like) a Citro├źn 2CV car growing alongside a tree, was taken by Betty's husband, Thierry Jouanneteau. Thierry has been back and photographed the car in winter time, so we're only missing summer and autumn for the full set :-)

You can see which one of my photos Betty chose by visiting her blog. It's one of my favourite photos and I'm delighted that it got to travel in cyber space.

Betty, here's to another 50 WW posts! P.S. Have you started planning what we'll do for our 100th?


Betty C. said...

I haven't started planning, but I was thinking about some sort of mosaic of both of our photos...???

This was fun!

Tinsie said...

Awww that sounds like fun! Fab idea. Can't wait :-)

Karen said...

So is Betty's photo taken in France?

Tinsie said...

I believe so, yes.

Betty C. said...

Oh, yes it is in France, in our little village area in fact.