Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where has time gone?

I don't know what's happened to time; it feels like my birthday was only yesterday, although more than a month has gone by already.

I know it's almost Xmas, but I've not written any cards - and I'd not received any either, until two days ago when 10 landed on my mat at the same time.

I haven't put them up yet, because my birthday cards are still up and I've not got round to taking them down.

Anyone have any ideas on how to expand time?


Mediterranean kiwi said...

i dont seem to get many christmas cards these days - this is why i dont seem to write very many either...

Susan Mo said...

I sure wish I did know how to expand time!! I seem to have received fewer cards this year (at least so far). I wonder if people are cutting back like we are. Last year, I sent out 75 cards, but this year we cut them down to 50.

Betty C. said...

I haven't received any Christmas cards yet either -- oh yeah, one professional one, but does that count?

December is my busiest month work-wise, so it is not very conducive to holiday preparation. What a pity.