Monday, December 15, 2008

Mmmm cakes!

Caroline sent me this photo of a dessert platter they feasted on earlier this month. Judging by her description, the cakes tasted just as yummie as they look and apparently were pretty cheap too - just over 1 Canadian dollar each (50p)!

Suddenly I feel like emigrating to Canada, even if it's snowy all the time.


Betty C. said...

These look much like pastries you can buy here in France, too.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

hey, you don't need to emigrate to canada - just come back to greece, and you can have as many of these as you want!

Cheryl said...

Oy my gosh, my mouth is watering. Yummy!

Tinsie said...

@ Betty: It seems you can buy them all over the world except England!

@ Mediterranean Kiwi: I guess you're right - and I won't have to put up with the long snowy winters either ;-)

@ Cheryl: My feelings exactly!

Shionge said...

Only photos? ;( I wanna go there with you too Tinsie :D