Saturday, December 01, 2007

Which traditional seasonal song mentions a figgy pudding?

The tradition of carollers being given Christmas treats for singing to wealthy members of the community is reflected in this song, which is believed to date back to England in the 16th century. Over the years the fashion for figgy puddings has faded, but in case you're wondering, the recipe consisted of figs, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, rum, apple, lemon and orange peel, nuts, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. In fact, it was not that dissimilar to the modern day Christmas pudding.

It's 23 days, 15 hours and 42 minutes to Christmas. Whey hey!


Betty C. said...

I'm actually excited about Christmas this year. I always enjoy it, but don't always find the time to prepare it as I want to, so the last few years things have been pretty low-key. I may do better this year.

I never really knew what "figgy pudding" was -- thanks!

Tinsie said...

Same here, Betty! I usually don't bother much with Christmas, but this year I'm starting early, so hopefully I'll have time for all the little things that make this season special :-)

Kathy said...

Believe it or not I even saw Christmas lights and decorated trees before Dec.1st. I love this time of year.Can't wait for Syndagma Square to be decorated.
It's bloody cold here today(Dec 5th).I froze my toes off. Tou Agiou Nikolaou tomorrow. Na xerese whoever you have.

Tinsie said...

Hey, you guys have been complaining of a hot summer all summer long, you can't now be complaining of a cold winter!!

All we get is warm, wet weather all year round, and do you hear us complain? Eh?

OK, just a little ;-)