Sunday, December 02, 2007

Elena goes scuba diving

I'm not what you'd call a thrill seeker. The most exciting things I've done involve going on the Black Hole ride in Alton Towers back in 1997 (a 44 ft drop in total darkness - God knows what possessed me) and a few years later riding on the runway mine train at Eurodisney. I also once went on a hike in the Ardennes region in Belgium, which far from being a nice peaceful walk, as I'd expected, it involved a lot of scrambling up some steep and slippery (albeit stunning) hillsides. But that's about it. I've not done anything that could be considered even vaguely exciting since 2001 and I'm happy to keep it this way.

However, I'm proud to say that many of my friends are much more adventurous than me. Peter climbed Kilimanjaro last Febraury, and brought back some stunning photos which you can see here. Then just recently I found out that Elena has taken up scuba diving and has spent the summer diving around Greece. These are two photos of her and her diving partner from a dive at Fleves island off the coast of Athens last September. At the time the photo was taken, they were 25 metres below sea level.

Cool or what? The runaway mine train just doesn't compare.


Kathy said...

It looks like a lot of fun and quite exciting but I have another sport I think will catch on.
What do you think of extremme snoozing? You know, sleeping in strange places like on a beach chair under an umbrella or in a moving caravan:-) I know,even better, while getting a massage.

I truly think it should become an Olympic sport.I'd win gold medals all the time and we could have mattress companies as sponsers. As you can see I've really thought this out. I beleive you should recommend this as a new sport in the 2012 Olympics in London. Get a petition going:-)

Tinsie said...

So I take it you won't be going scuba diving any time soon?