Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I saw this in the paper the other day and it made me chuckle.

Click on the image if you can't make out the punchline.


Karen said...

I thank God that I'm my own boss and nobody (as of yet) has realized how much more training I need!!

Thanks for the "Currently Reading" blip, mind if I copy?

Shionge said...

So true....many times company overlook the power of training :)

Tinsie said...

Hi Karen,
I have the same problem, only I'd like him to realise how much training I need and do something about it!!
Feel free to copy away :-)

Hi Shionge,
You can say that again! Someone in the office was telling me the other day that he doesn't need any Excel training, because he's self taught. But he wishes there was a way to enter dates without having to type each date out in full - apparently it takes over an hour of typing to list a year's worth of dates...

Kathy said...

Well that doesn't sound too bad. My boss wants me to follow a two day seminar Sept 1st-2nd and brief her on any changes made in the teaching and curriculum of teaching english as a secondary language.Two bloody days of mind-numbing dribble to promote new books etc... Why me?!?!
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Tinsie said...

You never know, it might be fun. I met a rather dishy guy once at a similar event and we ended up dating for a while. You never know your luck.

Plus you can always disappear half way through the day if it turns out to be really boring (and there are no dishy blokes around), and go shopping instead :-)