Sunday, June 24, 2007

Camping is a 3-star hotel

Many thanks to Gigi for donating this photo.

I guess it's fair to say that I'm not overly keen on camping. I can't see the attraction of sleeping on the floor, surrounded by creepy crawlies, separated from the great outdoors by nothing more substantial than a piece of cloth and having to share a bathroom with a load of strangers to boot. Not when I could have a proper bed, a concrete roof over my head and an en-suite bathroom.

I've been camping once - in Cornwall, during a rare, hot summer a few years back. It was OK. We had a double sleeping bag, bedsheets that fitted into it like a pocket (so the creepy crawlies couldn't crawl in) and proper pillows. The bar was lively, the atmosphere was good, the toilets clean. I spent most of my time in the car. My parents subjected my brother and me to a lot of car travel when we were kids. As a result, I'm quite happy in a car. Much happier than I am in a tent.

Since that trip to Cornwall I've not been anywhere near a campsite. However, I've stayed in several 3-star hotels, B&B's, rooms-to-rent and a cabana on a beach near Athens (now that was what I call camping: a little square room on the beach with a thick mattress on decking instead of a proper bed, air con, CD player, mini fridge, plasma TV with DVD player, en suite bathroom with jacuzzi shower, and a private porch with loungers - all within a short walk from bars, restaurants, cafes and ice-cream parlours).

So it was with great interest that I read about a campsite (in Cornwall, as it happens) where the tents are fully furnished. Hurray! Civilisation at last! They've got with real beds, tea lanterns, bedside tables, solar-powered lamps, chest of drawers, batik throws and wall hangings. You also have your own kitchen tent, which I'm not too excited about (your own kitchen implies you have to do your own cooking, and surely this defies the purpose of going on holiday?) but I suppose it's handy for making tea and coffee standing up as opposed to sitting cross-legged on the grass next to the creepy crawlies.

Even so, personally, if I went camping again (which is a big if anyway) I'd rather go in a caravan. I think I'd be quite happy in one like this:


Kathy said...

I'd have to agree with you. Camping is not for me but if I had to, a caravan would be the way to go.Even though a lovely hotel where the sheets are changed daily, meals are prepared for you and iced coffee is brought to you as you read a book by the pool is more my cup of tea.Add a spa with a hunky masseur and I am in heaven.
Guess I'll have to settle for Varkiza beach and some fried kalamari :-)

Tinsie said...

Hahaha I know what you mean :-)

You've got to try the cabanas in Varkiza. They're just the thing for beach luxury!