Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday in London

I'm pleased to report that London's enjoying the same sunny weather we had in Athens yesterday, so today we went for a long walk in the sunshine and spent the rest of the afternoon sipping lager shandies in a pub garden. Not quite the same as lounging by the sea, but pleasurable enough all the same.

We got home to find that some of our neighbours were having a picnic in the (communal) back garden. It feels as if it's mid July rather than mid April.

I hope the lovely weather lasts, although I doubt it. It's way too early for summer.

Still, it's nice to get a taster.


Γκρινιάρης said...

Hello and nice to meet you!

Indeed, the weather was simply amazing this weekend. I choose to have a walk in the park and it was full of people hanging around!

Don't lose hope, as I see in the forecast, the sunshine will last at least for this week. And as I was told, in the news they urge people to buy A/C, for the warmest summer of the last years!

Tinsie said...

Hey, welcome to my blog!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a hot, dry summer - I can't wait for long picnics in the park drinking pimms and playing frisbee :-)

Loops said...

Not too hot and dry, Tinsie. We'll have water shortages, tube delays etc etc etc. The UK simply isn't set up to cope with heat (and neither am I). Let's have a return to the good ol' English summer, when we really make the most of the best days coz they're the exception and not the norm.

Tinsie said...

Oh no no no! I'd rather have water shortages and tube delays than a typical "warm-and-wet" English summer. Sorry Loops ;-)

Betty C. said...

I'll be in London in ONE MONTH FROM TOMORROW! I can't wait and hope we have nice weather like in your picture!

Tinsie said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Betty, but don't hold your breath - London can be quite wet in May.
Still, they're predicting a hot summer this year, so you never know ;-)
What are your plans? Have you been to London before?