Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday in Athens

This is how Athenians spend Saturday afternoons at the moment - enjoying the April sunshine by the sea.

I was still in Greece yesterday and my good friend Kathy came by in the afternoon and drove us to Notos, a "seaside lounge cafe" in Voula, a suburb of Athens, where we spent a couple of hours enjoying freshly made fruit juices, glorious sunshine and a cooling sea breeze. The cafe itself was massive. There was a shaded area with sofas at the back and a larger area with wicker chairs close to the seaside, as well as a large playground area with rides for the kids. It was packed with families, couples and large groups of people talking animatedly as Greeks do. The vibe was fantastic. It was really warm and there were people snorkelling, fishing and swimming in the sea not far from us. If I'd had my swimsuit with me, I'd have dived in too.

Can someone remind me again - why do I live in London?


Pam said...

After that experience, why be anywhere else?! What a great afternoon!

ShadowFalcon said...

Cos London is amazing (so I keeping telling myself to resist the urge to immigrate!)

Tinsie said...

Pam, that's exactly what I'm wondering!

Shadowfalcon, you're back :-)
I know London's amazing. It really is. I just wish I could move to Athens in summer - vast parks and open spaces are well and good, but it's way more enjoyable living by the sea when it's warm.

Kathy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. It was lovely. I am planning on going for a quick coffee to Notos tomorrow before work if the weather is nicer.I love the smell of the green grass and flowers in spring but you can't beat the crisp,salty smell of the sea drifting in the spring breeze.
Maybe you two and visit again soon and we can drive down to Sounio or Anavisso.

Tinsie said...

Awww now you're talking ;-)