Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What did I do this weekend?

I've been invited by Gattina to participate in this meme by telling you what I did this weekend. Well, strictly speaking it's not "this weekend" any more, but yesterday was a bank holiday, meaning we had a long weekend, therefore the week's only just started. Hence I can still play :-)

Saturday: Hubby was feeling a bit fluey (due to spending Friday night with his mates, watching movies and consuming alcohol) and didn't feel like going into town to buy new shoes, as per our original plan. So we just walked to a new cafe that's opened nearby and had a very nice brunch of freshly-prepared sandwiches and lentil salads, washed down with mugs of tea. We also had a breakfast tart to share. Spent the rest of the day doing errands, going to the post office, taking clothes to the drycleaner's, doing the weekly shop etc.

Sunday: Weather windy and wet so we stayed indoors all day long. I'd left the window open in the bedroom and went in mid-morning to find it'd been raining on the bed, which by the way is positioned a couple of feet away from the wall. Our windows are sash, so they open up-down. This one was open just 30 cm at the top and the rain still got in. Drank too much tea to keep warm, and almost made soup for lunch. I kept thinking of our local drycleaner, who was getting married on Sunday. I hope the wedding was in the afternoon, as the rain stopped around 5 PM and we had glorious blue skies all evening.

Monday: Weather was much improved, so we went to the Notting Hill Carnival, a big celebration talking place over the bank holiday weekend. Watching the parade in the sunshine, you could almost imagine you were in Rio. Almost, not quite. Had lunch at a Greek restaurant, then got home and had a snooze in our sun-lit living room, one sofa each. Spent the evening watching rubbish on TV (hubby) and reading guide books (me).

Anyone else would like to play? What did YOU do this weekend?


Gattina said...

I see you it's the same weather like here ! You lucky girl ! It's such a long time ago when I went to the Carnival ! at least 15 years.
Come back on Monday, for the game, it's nice that you participate !

Tinsie said...

Yep, we could be living in the same country!

I won't be able to play next Monday as I'll be on hols, but maybe the Monday after. Thanks for inviting me, I love memes :-)

Jacob said...

Except for the raining bed, it sounds like a rather delightful weekend. At least you got plenty to eat!

Per Stromsjo said...

I like the concept of almost making soup! Also the dynamic, flexible definition of what constitutes a weekend. After all, the weekend is a state of mind.

ShadowFalcon said...

Wow you went to carnival! I've always meant to go but for some reason haven't done it yet, next yea for sure.

My weekend was far too boring but if you have insomnia I'll tell you about it sometime.

Tinsie said...

It was my first time at the Carnival too. Quite an interesting experience, certainly worth doing once in a lifetime.