Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Turning into Shirley Temple - not

My hair has what you'd describe as a bit of a kink. As it's also quite heavy, you only notice that it's not properly straight when it's layered, which it never was while I was growing up. In fact, the first time I had layers put in I was well into my 30's and my hairdresser stood there and went "your hair's actually wavy" to my "OMG my hair's wavy".

It was an awesome moment, like a dream come true. I never thought straight hair was terribly interesting, unless you actually used straightening irons and special lotions to make it that way. But kinky hair's good. OK, it's not the curls I dreamed of when I was a child, but at least it's not boring (no offence to people with naturally straight hair - we all want what we don't have, don't we, otherwise hairdressers wouldn't be able to make much of a living).

The other day I went to buy some shampoo. I don't tend to stick to a particular brand, so I wandered up and down the shampoo aisle trying to make up my mind. That's when I noticed a shampoo "for curly or wavy hair" which promised to give me amaziong curls, if only I put it in my basket and took it home. Which I did. The promise of turning into Shirley Temple was too good to resist.

Well, what can I say. I washed my hair as per the instructions on the bottle, scrunch dried it (usually guaranteed to bring out the waves big time) ...and ended up with the straightest hair ever. It was so not-curly that at least three people commented on how straight my hair looked and one even asked what type of brush I used to achieve the effect. At the moment, my hair looks just like my current avatar - long, layered and dead straight.

So much for Shirley Temple. Bah!


Shionge said...

Oops - sorry to hear this Tinsie. Now for me, I hated the hairdresser that cut my hair last month, she cut till it is so layered that now they just curled up at the end - so ugly ;(

Mediterranean kiwi said...

tinsie, you MUST give me the brand name of the shampoo; my hair needs a bit of straightening!

Pamsie said...

Hehe. I get sucked in all the time too by tv ads with models with gorgeous hair achieved with minimum effort. I bought the new Nivea range which is meant to be so good that you don't even need to use a straightener and, guess what, I was left with a mop of frizz and a few £ poorer.

Tinsie said...

@ Shionge: My hairdresser did the same last month - she cut too many layers into my hair and cut some of them too short - but I rather like the end result as it's given my hair more bounce :-)

@ Mediterranean Kiwi: It's the Elvive in the orange bottle. Good luck!

@ Pamsie: I guess they mean you don't have to use your straighteners if you have naturally straight hair which is long, cut in one length and quite heavy. It's all in the small print don't you know?