Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No more food photos

Today I was at a conference, where I met some people I know from another company and we got chatting. When we broke up for lunch we went to the hotel's restaurant together. The tables were set with white tableclothes and little blue vases with flowers and looked really pretty. So I said: "Oh these look lovely", and the guy standing next to me goes, "take a photo of them"! Which had me going "uh?" since I couldn't work out why I'd want to take a photo of a table. He must have realised my confusion, because he elaborated: "you took photos last time we went out for lunch"!

The conclusions I drew from this exchange are:

1. He must have a much better memory than me, as I don't recall the last time we had lunch together, let alone whether I took any photos.

2. I'm developing a reputation that I'm not sure is very flattering.

3. People must think I'm mad to be taking photos of table settings - but perhaps they'd think I was even madder if they realised I actually took photos of the food.

Ho hum.


Kate said...

You can't say that. Say it isn't true!!!!I look forward to those pictures. I think many of us do. We'll have to change your mind. I mean you may be going on a trip soon. Wouldn't it be nice to show us all the great places you visisted in combination with all the lovely cuisine you tasted??? Reconsider:-)

Karen said...

But what about your fans!!! We love your madness (as we possess a bit of it ourselves) and expect nothing less than pictures of all the wonderful food you eat!

Anonymous said...

HullllO?! you are famed for your paparazzi style click of the camera - we would expect nothing less.... IN FACT, I would be very disappointed if we went out for dinner and you DID'NT take a photo of my plate - it would mean it was unattractive and unworthy!!!! honestly, it's nice to be remembered for your antics...don't change now!

Karen said...

The vote is in, Tinise! Start clicking!!

palmtreefanatic said...

I love your food photos!
Only a fellow Food blogger can appreciate them!
But I know EXACTLY what you are saying! My husband thinks I am obsessed with mine and was thinking I was REALLY weird taking photos of my trick or treat candy;)
Oh well I say To each their own!

Ropi said...

Ok, but to compensate it you have to cook for us. :P

Betty C. said...

Oh, some people just don't get it!


i've already got that kind of reputaiton - people just shy away form me these days, except my family.
i feed them, therefore, they still need me

Tinsie said...

Thanks, everyone, for the support! I guess one option is to do more cooking, then no one can complain that I'm taking food photos. Not a bad plan, although it requires me to do extra work. Hmmm.

There's another solution: I'll continue taking photos whenever I like and just put up with the comments :-D

I think I'll quit taking photos in front of colleagues though. Not a big loss, as we hardly ever socialise together anyway.

Problem solved :-)