Friday, August 08, 2008

Number speak

I saw this number meme in Claire's blog and thought it looked like fun. It is, after all, Friday!

How old are you?
30+ (or, depending on your outlook, 40-)

How many musical instruments can you play?
None - I'm totally unmusical.

How many countries have you lived in?
Just 2. Greece and England.

How many schools have you attended?
Six - 1 primary, 2 secondary, 1 college & 2 universities.

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
Three boyfriends, no girlfriends.

How many years since you last played on a swing?
God knows. More than 5 for sure.

How many bones have you broken?
None, and I hope it stays that way!

How many siblings do you have?
One younger brother.

How many homes have you had?
10 + 1 that I have no memories of as I was a baby at the time.

How many people have you kissed?
I don't kiss and tell ;-)

How many languages can you speak?
English, Greek, French and Italian to a decent level, and a handful of others well enough to order drinks at the bar.

How many times have you been in love?
Properly, just once. But I've been in lust a good few times.

If you'd like to continue the chain, consider yourselves tagged!


DianeCA said...

Fun Meme..I came from RennyBA's blog (as I am mrs. RennyBA). I have been in love twice, and thankfully the last one was best. You must be able to play something musical...the kazoo???

Indie said...

Answered the meme. Have a look:-)

Tinsie said...

@ DianeCA: Ι suppose I could manage the kazoo - but not sure it would count as playing a musical instrument!

@ Indie: Ι'm off to have a look :-)