Thursday, September 27, 2007

I want, I want, I want

I think I may have fallen in love with the red iPod Shuffle.

Has anyone got a Shuffle? Are they any good? Would you recommend them?


Shionge said...

What I have is just an Ipod, sorry :(

Hope you wish come true this Xmas :D

MrsB said...

Hi, i have an ipod shuffle but mine is bright pink and i love it. They are so tiny and light and easy to take everywhere, I would definitely recommend buying one! I really like your blog and was wondering if maybe we could link to each others? I'm quite new to blogging but am really enjoying it. x

Kathy said...

Sorry Tina.I still walk around with my old cassette walkman :-) Pathetic,huh? It's just that I have some great old cassettes that I love listening to even though they are a bit warped. But that Ipod sure looks fantastic.
Hope you get it.

Tinsie said...

@ Shionge: Hehe thank you Shionge :-)

@ Mrsb: Bright pink would be my second choice :-)
Thanks for posting a comment and linking my blog to yours. I love your blog and may even have a go at baking something one of these days!

@ Kathy: You really need to update your image babe!

Loops said...

Not a nano? You were drooling over them in the shop the other day :)

Tinsie said...

Oh but I wrote the post *before* I saw the new Nano. Now I'm torn between the two!